The Matrix Exoskeleton In LEGO

The Matrix Exoskeleton In LEGO

Photos: From the Matrix Revolutions, the Armoured Personnel Unit in LEGO by Niki Dregant.

The Matrix Exoskeleton In LEGO
The Matrix Exoskeleton In LEGO

You can see more of Niki’s creations at Flickr.

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    • Disagree! I thought most of the Zion stuff was terrible, whereas things like the Merovingian, Seraph, etc. were decent. Following the Alice in Wonderland references, it was kind of like the rabbit poop at the bottom of the rabbit hole instead of wonders.

    • I disagree, the sequels were great extensions to the lore of the Matrix and built soundly on the first movie. I think people just had trouble understanding the architect sequence and it threw them off from enjoying 2 really good movies.

      Just kidding, aside from a few good action sequences, I thought the sequels were really crappy, confusing messes.

      • You sir, are playing a dangerous game…

        I used to work with a lady who believed that. She’d get really ticked off when people said they didn’t like them. The moral? Only mentally unbalanced people liked the matrix sequels.

      • I’m one of the few that prefer the third Matrix film to the second. I found the action scenes limp and boring in 2 and they added a shitload of random ideas they had which were never really followed up on or had a point.

        People say 3 was bad, but the action was more exciting and interesting and the story was more focused with less random stuff.

        Doesn’t mean it was good, it was just better than the second.

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