The Most Hardcore Xbox One Customer In South Korea

The Most Hardcore Xbox One Customer in South Korea

There is one man in South Korea who wants an Xbox One more than anyone else. But right now, he's standing in line for the console — a line of one person. He's got about a week to go before the console is released in South Korea. But can me make it?

As mentioned on Ruliweb (via tipster Sang), the man's name is Niguringu. Actually, no, that's not his real name, but that is his internet name on the Ruliweb forum, where he's posting. The 23-year-old engineering student has been in line since this past weekend at the Times Square shopping centre in Seoul, where the Xbox One launch event will be held.

The Most Hardcore Xbox One Customer in South Korea

Inspired by the Korean fans who camped out for a PS4,Niguringu thought about waiting in line for two weeks for the Xbox One, but decided that eight days of waiting was enough. He is, however, worried that he might not make it past three or four days, and he hopes that somebody else will join him in line.

Earlier today, Microsoft Korea apparently contacted Niguringu and let him know that he is, indeed, the first person in South Korea lined up for an Xbox One.

The Most Hardcore Xbox One Customer in South Korea

If you live in Seoul, and have a week with no plans whatsoever, you can always line up with this gentleman.

The Most Hardcore Xbox One Customer in South Korea

이제 타임스퀘어 오픈시간이 된지라 [Ruliweb — Thanks Sang!] 조그만 열정을 가지고 도착했습니다 영등포 타임스퀘어 [Ruliweb] 한국 XboxOne 첫번째 구매자가 될지도 모를 니구링그님 인터뷰 [Ruliweb]


    i walked up to the store about 2 hours before launch and got a console... i don't get this whole lining up for ages shit.

      I got to JB 3 or 4 hours early, and I was the first one there. The shit would I line up for days? I hope MS give him a free console.

    If he's that excited for something, good on him. I miss being insomnia-inducingly excited about video games.

      I mean there's excited and then there's standing in line for a week to buy a console (that will probably not sell very well there)

      I love Xbox dearly but i just don't see it having a huge launch in Korea. I don't think there is a need to start lining up now.

      I really can't fault him to much though. i did line up for 24 hours to get The burning Crusade when that launched lol.

    I just wish I could afford to take that kind of time off work.

      I was just thinking that, what does he do for a job? Donate blood and sperm?

    I'm surprised if he wants an Xbox One that bad he hasn't already imported one?

      Wants it to play local region Blurays and DVD's? Or be in his language?

      If he has U. S. Military contacts, he could get one now... or anytime.

    Go hard! I've always wondered about South Korean & Japanese gamers who love western games, the flipside of us westerners who love Anime and Hong Kong cinema. Go hard.

    I got an hour early to JB only to have last minute people push in as the doors opened :| ended up being about 30th in line instead of 6th once i got inside.

    I'm more interested in that weird statue of people climbing on each other...

    I pre ordered mine...walked there during my lunch break... Easy

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