The New Final Fantasy XV Trailer Has Renewed My Faith

The New Final Fantasy XV Trailer Has Renewed My Faith

If Final Fantasy XV‘s latest trailer is any indication, this game could well be worth the wait.

The new Tokyo Game Show trailer shows off gameplay that’s more than combat — there’s also driving! And this latest look at Final Fantasy XV offers some truly stunning graphics.

Did you give up on Final Fantasy XV? Don’t. Not yet, at least. This trailer shows that there is plenty of reason to be excited.


  • Driving around in a town car in seemingly rural areas seems a little counter-intuitive, but I guess that adds to the immersion their aiming for? dunno looks cool I guess.

  • Looks like an emo version of one direction going on a drug fueled road trip…
    Combat looks pretty good though, even with the oversized and magically appearing swords

  • That freaking giant Turtle! It looks crazy! Those graphics are so sweet. Hurry up and release this!

    I like turtles.

  • Granted that its a new direction for SE. but use the correct phrase Cautiously Optimistic.
    Too much bromance for me.

  • It looks great, there’s no doubt it’s going to be a good looking game, but there’s still not much in the gameplay that’s exciting me. Looks like a cross between FFXIII and Dynasty Warriors, but that might just be me, but for that fact it’s not making me look forward to this

    • Most FF trailers are just extended clips from cut scenes. This one has actual gameplay, which makes it much more interesting in my book.

      Mind you, if the game is mostly driving around a group of punk emo teens the deal is OFF. The main group of characters reminds me of nothing so much as a street gang.

  • I don’t know why but I want them boys to just break out into a k-pop dance number…
    (yeah, i know theyre more jap than korean, but i listen to alot of k-pop)

  • Last couple lines of the trailer was clearly speaking to the fans there. Jeez, I was in high school when the announcement trailer was released. Now I’m in my fifth year of uni. -__-

    • S-E aren’t exactly known for their subtlety, see: LIGHTNING RETURNS… No, it didn’t return.
      This and Type-0 gives me a glimmer of hope that they might be on their way back, here’s hoping…

  • Looks like… Xenoblade Chronicles/Monster Hunter meets GTA? Don’t get me wrong, it looks awesome and the gameplay seems fun… but it doesn’t look Final Fantasy-ish.

    Squeenix should make of games like this a NEW franchise and make games like Bravely Default carry the torch of FF. It’s weird that they do exactly the opposite.

  • Just when I thought Square Enix couldn’t possibly get any dumber they go and make a trailer like this….


  • Huh. Out of all the thousands of glimpses at Versus/15/Whatever It’s Called This Week, this is the first time I’ve looked at it and thought, “Hey, I might want to play that.” I’m a massive FF fan, but the previous trailer made it look more like Uncharted than Final Fantasy. This looks quite Xenoblade-ish, but I guess that’s a bit closer…

    And yeah, what’s with the sausage-fest? Knowing that FF has a huge female following, doesn’t it seem a bit weird not to have any heroines?

      • As a female FF fan, I kind of agree with the above statement. Still, it would be nice to have a diversity of characters like in FFXIII. I’m only hoping that this time SE considers offering dual-audio in the game with the subtitles.

    • There’ll probably be more characters than just four, there usually is in FF. And there’s a female character who’s supposed to be pretty big in the story, you can see her in the trailer briefly

  • The character animation is incredibly diverse. Will be interesting to see how this will loop for gameplay.

  • They really do a great job of giving the characters personality, the voice work is really well done giving them realistic attitude.= and behaviour. Too bad the English voice actors will destroy that.

  • Got a bit of a Xenoblade feeling…. Not a bad thing, I loved that game (compared to XIII which was pretty mediocre).

  • I haven’t been keeping up with news on FFXV, is this supposed to me an MMO or a single player RPG?

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