The Original 151 Pokémon, Recreated In Minecraft

The Original 151 Pokémon, Recreated in Minecraft

Minecraft, being a block-based builder, has always been a favourite outlet of pixel artists everywhere. Like this enterprising player, who set out to painstakingly build replicas of the 151 original Pokémon in-game.

Each Pokémon took redditor QueenMercury thirty minutes to three hours to build. This isn't the first time somebody's recreated the original 151 in Minecraft, far from it, but these aren't just standard coloured wool structures — they use other materials like gem blocks, gold, wood and glass to better replicate the colours.

If you look at Pidgey up close, for example, you can see how complex it actually is, using end stone and various types of wood planks in addition to coloured wool:

The Original 151 Pokémon, Recreated in Minecraft

Zoom out, and it's just like the original sprite. Pretty cool.

Check out the full album below: Minecraft Pokemon [Imgur, via r/minecraft]


    I don't know, to send so much time building stuff in minecraft seems a little ... oddish!

      Hey, no need to have a Diglett them. Weedle like to have so much time to spare, but if that's what they Lickitung do with theirs, more power to 'em.

    Its baffling, if these minecraft obsessed people threw their energy into, i dunno, one of the either free for non commercial use game engines, or a 3d modelling package they could actually produce something epic and even make them employable.
    This glorified lego tinkering is so unimpressive and done to death.

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