The Sad Life Of Mobs In World Of Warcraft

The Sad Life of Mobs In World of Warcraft

Whether it's a crowded zone or an abandoned one, the life of World of Warcraft mobs is so simple that it can be summed up in a one-minute clip.

The Hinterlands in Wowcrendor's latest video is a particularly sad case. No one goes there anymore.

Life of a Mob in World of Warcraft [YouTube]


    That was awful.

      Shit house put more accurately.

      Gotta say totally agree. Just because you can upload to Youtube (maybe should be called Meetoob) does't mean you should.

    Great to see Crendor get some publicity around here. He's one of my favourite YouTubers.

    That voice acting was so terrible it made me embarrassed to watch it :(

    Who do i see about getting the last minute of my life back

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