The Sims Patch Notes Continue To Be Ridiculous

The Sims Patch Notes Continue To Be Ridiculous

Today is a big day for PC gamers. The Sims 4 comes out. While this gives us all a great opportunity to brush up on our Simlish, it also means that we have a whole new era of amazing and silly patch notes to look forward to.

The Sims 4 hasn't even been out in the wild for a full day yet, but EA has already noted a few last-minute adjustments that sounds...colourful. Here are some of my favourites from the first batch of patch notes:

The Sims Patch Notes Continue To Be Ridiculous
  • Fixed several issues with Sims attempting to go on dates with the Reaper, resulting in non-responsive game states. The Reaper still loves ya baby, he is just too busy to go on a date with every lovelorn Sim that vies for his attention.
  • Fixed several issues where babies were incorrectly hibernating within household inventories resulting in several issues:
  • You can now exit Build Mode when not on your home lot if a baby was incorrectly left in the home lot inventory.
  • Splitting and merging households no longer results in unplayable households due to babies being left in household inventories.
  • Babies are no longer left locked in the household inventory if all the other Sims in the household die.
  • Babies no longer multiply if left in the Household Inventory while editing the lot via Manage Worlds.

Sounds like those pesky babies are giving the developers a lot of problems! Well, at least we know that EA wasn't kidding when it explained why adding toddlers to the new game was just to tricky to pull off in time for its release this week.


    So the game is out... why can't my gf play it? She has it preloaded and installed. It's still greyed out in Origin for her... why stop some parts of the world playing games if other parts are allowed to play it?

      Its out in 16 hours apparently. I just logged into origin and there is a live countdown on the home page.

        You should see her face. So disappointed.

          You should wait til she plays it! Just kidding :)

            She wasn't super excited by the first hours play, now she's been playing it for a few, she is loving it.

      Because it's Origin.... odds are she won't even be able to play it when its actually out because the always online login server DRM robot will force everyone to do something else.

        Nice try but no. It will not unlock until 12am 4th September as that is our release date.

        And Sims day 1 player base is smaller than simcity.

        Last edited 03/09/14 8:55 am

          And Sims day 1 player base is smaller than simcity.

          just playing devils advocate here, but isn't The Sims the highest selling franchise... well, ever?
          if its got an online requirement, theres a decent chance of it being unplayable for a while after launch.

          & I don't know about any always-online stuff anyway. (haven't been tracking sims 4. its just not my thing), but seriously... don't even give EA the benefit of the doubt until after its launched. they don't deserve it.

            So true I take my words back. Their server can't handle any load at all. At least so far US release doesn't have login issue. Hopefully doesn't kill it tomorrow and Friday for UK

            Last edited 03/09/14 3:07 pm

      Because Americans get grumpy if they can't be the first to get everything. Their release date was 2nd September; Europe and Asia-Pacific are on the 4th.

    Remember guys Origin will give you a full refund within 24 hours of you launching the game. A lot of the hardcore Sims fans should keep that in mind.

      I buy physical :(

      Last edited 03/09/14 10:31 am

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