The World Needs This Australian Made Arena Shooter

This morning I literally tweeted the following: The world (read: me) needs a simple, well balanced, arena shooter that is properly fair and competitive. That game doesn't exist right now.

Then I checked my email. Someone sent me a link to an Australian Kickstarter. This team is trying to make the exact bloody game I was tweeting about. It's providence.

The game is called Reflex, and it's an attempt to make a new, modern version of the Quake/Unreal style of arena shooter. It's a fast-paced, skill based shooter with small, competitive maps. No levelling up, no completely unbalanced weapons, no nonsense basically. This is a lean, clean shooting machine. This is exactly the type of game I was talking about!

The studio behind the game is Turbo Pixel, a group of three Arena shooter enthusiasts. They are basically making the game they want to play. Both Ben Darling and Phil Brown are experienced developers with two decades of industry experience behind them. Dave "newborn" Jones is the third member — a lifelong member of the Arena FPS scene. If I had to guess, Jones seems to be the person making sure that Reflex remains core to the Arena ethos and is the kind of game the competitive players will want to play endlessly. For a project like this, that is pivotal.

The team is looking for $360,000 to finish the project. There are roughly 18 months of development left for Reflex. That costs money. They've managed to raise almost $40,000 of that money so far.

You can find out more about Reflex here.


    I wish the devs luck, they're gonna need it with $320,000 left to go on their Kickstarter...

    Saw this game on CPMA's steam group page.
    It looks pretty cool.

    Ah so it is an Australian game, I hope they do well.
    They need to reach out to someone Like TotalBiscuit if they really want to reach that goal.

    Last edited 25/09/14 10:53 am

    I love Quake 3 Arena, and I have a game dev background (Graphic Artist), so I don't want to rain on their parade... but ummm... that's just a spiffy half finished Q3A with a couple extra things (E.G., live map building and scoreboards built in).

    But I guess they can't just come out and say that *shrug*
    I do hope they come up with some good additions and don't just make it a pure clone though.
    Also, it does looks purdy and Q3A has kick ass game play.

    Apart from being Australian and unfunded, philosophically how is this different to Toxikk (

      I think Toxikk is more Unreal Tourament with a vehicle mode. This seems more Quake 3

    woah that game went fast it hurt my eyes

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