The World's A Little More Galactic Empire Than Rebel Alliance

The World's A Little More Galactic Empire Than Rebel Alliance

In Star Wars: Commander, Disney's recently-released Star Wars take on the popular Clash of Clans, players are given a choice of siding with evil or good. With more than five million players around the world picking sides, it turns out the planet's leaning slightly towards the Dark Side.

Available now for iOS and coming soon to Android, Star Wars: Commander is one of those base-building, troop-gathering, player-invading games that the kids seem to like so much these days. It's a particular strategy sub-genre that I'm not very fond of, so while I appreciate the theme and production values, the game just isn't for me.

But I do love seeing where people around the world fall on the whole Dark Side/Light Side question. In an infographic celebrating the game's success among people who aren't me, we see a rather well-defined split between the Northern and Southern hemispheres of the planet.

Other fun facts provided by Disney include:

  • Five million players have now joined the war (downloaded Star Wars: Commander since its launch on August 21st).
  • With more than 57 per cent of its players representing the Empire, Russia is one of the strongest Empire strongholds. Other nations that have fallen to the Emperor include Austria, Germany, Finland and the Ukraine.
  • India stands out as a strong member of the Rebel Alliance, as are most countries across South America and Africa.
  • The United States is nearly unanimous in its following of the Dark Side, with the single exception of North Dakota. The force is strong in North Dakota.
  • Half a billion troops have been deployed across both factions.

In closing, sleep with one eye open, North Dakota.

The World's A Little More Galactic Empire Than Rebel Alliance


    Of course, the empire has way better toys!!! When some rebel scum tries attacking my base, they send Han Solo and a bunch of wookies, seriously, Harrison Ford and a bunch of overgrown teddies. Then I retaliate with a trio of AT-AT walkers. Sure, it's complete overkill, but it's about sending a message.

      Sure, it's complete overkill

      At least until someone pulls out a skipping rope. =P

    Interesting correlation between real world and game world governments and factions.

      I know, right? You could write a thesis using this data

    I think you mean that IOS users are a little more Empire... no surprise there.

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