The Xbox One Controller Comes To PC, But It Might Be Too Late

The Xbox One Controller Comes To PC, But It Might Be Too Late

The corded version of the Xbox 360 controller for Windows was one of the unsung heroes of the last generation of hardware. Combining the reliability of a wired connection with the fantastic design of the 360 pad itself, it managed - for the first time ever - to establish a standardised control pad for the PC.

So around this time last year, people were excited to get their hands on the Xbox One equivalent! Only, there wasn't one alongside the console's launch. People have had to wait...and wait...and wait...(or get some drivers)

OK, now Microsoft are releasing it. It will be out next month, and will be exactly what you thought it would be: an Xbox One controller with a cord attached, which you can plug straight into a PC's USB port, no downloads required, and use it to play video games with.

If this had launched alongside the Xbox One, I'd have bought one in an instant. Almost a year later, though, now that I've spent time with the XB1, I probably won't. Without any distinguishing new features, the Xbox One pad is, well...I just don't think it's as good as the Xbox 360 pad was. Its lightness makes it feel cheap, the plastic a little creaky. And the redesigned bumpers and shoulder buttons are just that little bit harder to get to. Yeah, the d-pad is an improvement, but let's be real, how often do we actually use it in a game?

So long as both controllers' layout is the same, then, I can't see why you'd want to opt for this newer pad when the old warhorse is still widely available.


    Uh, been using my Xbone controller on my laptop with a play and charge kit for a few months now.

      Right, but this story is about a corded (non wireless) controller based on the Xbox One design.

        The point of that would be? When you already have one that doubles as a wireless controller it's kind of pointless.

        From what I understand, it's a completely standard Wireless controller with half a Play and Charge kit and Driver CD for the price of the controller on its own. That's all this 'PC' kit is.

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      Exactly same here. Pc is the best platform to be on now more than ever. We are even getting ryse and dead rising. I am also almost certain that tomb raider will come to pc aswell. I also bought a second hand ps4 now for exclusives i am all set.

    I'm a rebel. I use a PS3 controller while making the computer think it's a 360 controller. Saves getting a 360 wireless receiver for my PC.

      Me too :D I use DS3 tool and a bluetooth. I press the PS button and voila, ready to game :).

    Personally I'm getting one. I like the feel of the thumbsticks on the XB1 over my worn out 360 controller.

    The xbone d-pad is far superior to the 360. I really hope they release a wireless dongle though since I already purchased the wireless version when drivers were released.

    Everyone uses the d-pad, I hope. I mean, that'd be a lot of effort if you were using the left stick to make choices in a menu.

      Depends on the game really.

        Actually, you've got a point. I hadn't played my Xbone for a while so I forgot how good the analog sticks were.

    Been using sabertooth since it was released. I like the mechanical buttons more than any of the Xbox controller.

    Somebody has been living under an incredibly heavy rock. I have been using an Xbox One controller with my PC for about 4-6 months now. The Drivers came out ages ago.

      Or you could read the article and realise that this is a corded version which isn't the same thing...

        It may not be the same thing but pointless is the point for some. I know a lot of people including me doing this for a while. This article though making it sound like there are no other options.

        No, it's an XB1 controller that comes with the Play and Charge USB cable, but not the batteries. It's still a removable USB cable, and still a fully functioning XB1 controller.

          I was referring to 'living under an incredibly heavy rock'.

          Nobody's living under a rock, it's what Microsoft have put out, outlets are reporting on it.

            You didn't read his little whingey rant? He actually thinks this is something new, is jaded PC had to wait, and thought it was hard to do up until now.

            I can post a picture of my Xbox One controller with the Play and Charge USB plugged in if you really think this is a groundbreaking new product, releasing the poor downtrodden PC elite from their wasteland of Xbox One controllers?

          What on earth are you talking about?

            Ben J thinks this is some new PC product from Microsoft. It's not. It's just an Xbox One controller with a USB cable in the box.

              Exactly. Even before microsoft released an official driver for the original controller there was a way to play it. Old news.

    It's not really a PC controller. It's just an XB1 controller with the Play and Charge USB, but without the batteries by the looks of it.

    No different to using any XB! controller with a USB cable and the official drivers, which have been available for months. This article is a really misinformed whinge, or some strange "pc master race" person who wont use something until it's "for PC".

    Also no price, no link, the only links are to the drivers, and to a wired 360 controller? Pretty terrible article.

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      Hahaha, you should finish that off with a score XD sounds like you are reviewing his article.

      3/10 XD

    I don't understand the point of this article? There's almost no info. Is the connected cord a standard hard wired Micro USB? Is it xb1 compatible? How is it different to simply plugging a current XB1 controller into your PC? Price?

    I'm surprised the article doesn't mention the lack of the wireless controller for PC. Anyone who would of bought the corded version would of already bought the console controller and downloaded the drivers. The ones who were holding out for the PC version were like myself, and holding out for the wireless version.

    I'm not going to bother replacing the wireless 360 controller I've got for a wired upgrade. . .and looks like I'll be sticking with it since there hasn't been any mention of a wireless PC version.

    Ok, so I can just buy a wireless xbone controller and use it on my PC perfectly?

    I thought there was still compatibility issues.

    I am not a console player and am not the best with controllers, but buy an xbox controller for my PC was a smart move. It'd totally want a wireless one though,. So I could just go to JB now and buy the xbox one and be done?

      It doesn't work wireless. You will still need to connect it with a micro USB cable.

      Like others who have posted, I've been using mine since they released the drivers, with no issues whatsoever. You don't need a Play and Charge Kit. You can use an Xbox One controller without any batteries in it at all, so long as it is plugged in.

      So if you bought an Xbox One today/tomorrow/whenever and have a micro USB cable hanging around somewhere, you can plug it in and it would work perfectly. With the PC or the Xbox One.

    One year too late? Not when you already have an Xbox 360 controller for your PC which still functions perfectly. If it ever breaks I'll consider replacing it with an XBone controller, but since my original Xbox 360 controller for the console is still in perfect working order after years of playing I'm sure the PC one will last just as long.

    Love the XBO controller. It feels really premium quality to me, just it feels kind of thick after playing with the dualshock 4.

    I can't decide which of the new controllers I like more but I sure as shit can't use a 360 controller anymore.

    buy xbox one controller with charge kit + download drivers over 6 months ago = Profit

    ...and why is it "Too Late?"
    Did X360 controllers spontaneously and collectively stop working when the XB1 was released?

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