There’s A New Final Fantasy Coming. It’s A Typing Game.

There’s A New Final Fantasy Coming. It’s A Typing Game.

For their next Final Fantasy game, Square Enix is adding a whole lot of word play. Revealed in Weekly Famitsu, coming next week to iOS and Android platforms is Final Fantasy World Wide Words. The game uses the chibi-style character designs from the Theatrhythm series for an RPG that progresses through typing words.

Players start out by assembling their party from a roster of familiar Final Fantasy characters. They then proceed through various worlds by battling monsters using various abilities and summons that are activated by typing words that appear on the screen. Each world consists of multiple stages with a final boss to defeat.

The game also has customisation elements as well as a chocobo farm where you can gain special customised words and money. Images released only show the Japanese version of the game, so I have no idea what the text usage is like in other languages.

Much like the previously announced stand-alone Final Fantasy VII bike chase game, G-Bike, the game will be free to play with paid elements, because all the cool kids are doing it.

Final Fantasy World Wide Words is scheduled for release on iOS and Android platforms on September 16.

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  • Hey Square Enix stop cashing out and finish ff15 already! No one cares about your attempts at the ios market.

    • Logging in just to say the same… Please get over milking FF series like your trying to kill it and instead revive it to a 2014 standard – but at least this one looks better and more skilled then All The Bravest – and was never a fan of Theatrhythm.

      Also from all reports FF13: Lightning returns was a complete waste of time and effort and has many game-breaking flaws which is a shame because I personally enjoyed 13/13-2, Still I have hope for 15 🙁

    • yes, because we all know a company can only work on one game at a time no matter how large they are.


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