There’s Already A New Loot Cave In Destiny

There’s Already A New Loot Cave In Destiny

I mean, were we expecting anything else? Bungie may have nerfed the famous Loot Cave™ and several others yesterday that players had discovered would grant them with fast enemy respawns and therefore a higher chance of scraping loot and engrams together, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t others yet to be discovered.

Now, this one shown off above by PS4Trophies isn’t quite technically a “cave” but it may as well be, as it looks to behave fairly similarly to our late Loot Cave (rest in peace). It’s got a 6-second enemy respawn rate, just like the original cave. You can find it on Earth, flying to the Cosmodrome in Old Russia and heading towards the Rocketyard.

I spent roughly an hour here myself, racking up mostly greens, a couple of blues and even a purple engram (of course, it was a blue item after the Cryptarch was done with it). So seems about right in line my experiences with the OG Cave. Save for a few scattered greens dropped from enemies that got away, this is what my hour ended up looking like:

PS4Trophies in the video up top has the best strategy in terms of where to stand and how to pick off your enemies, but if you’re confused as to how to get to this specific spot, Sterben walks you through exactly how to get there:

But, basically, you’ll be standing here:

So that you can block the Hive spawns and thereby make the experience a lot easier, and also not get in the way of the Fallen spawns you’re hunting. And you’ll want to look here for the best group-killing window:

Give it some time and Bungie will likely patch this one into a 40-second enemy spawn as they did with our other farming spots, but I’ll be curious to see just how far players can go by circumventing patch after patch and finding brand new loopholes.

Really, though, there’s a bigger concern here about how Destiny‘s loot and levelling systems work. A whole swath of players wouldn’t be congregating at farm sites so diligently if the rewards weren’t worth it. My hope is that future updates — new strikes, missions, anything — are a bit more generous in terms of rewards than they have been so that players are more incentivized to play the cooler parts of the game rather than just shoot at advantageous corners for hours.

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  • Well they did say they plan to make legitimate activities far more rewarding then they currently are and make the cryptarch less frustrating, hopefully that is sooner rather than later.

    • That’s precisely the point – “better” would be a series of challenges which actually reward you for spending extended periods of time completibg them, rather than tossing a few trivial items your way for hours of work. People hunt for farming locations because it’s literally the only way to reap a reasonable reward out of the game, even if it is tedious.

      • It’s not literally the o my way to get a scent reward out of the game. I’m level 27, I have 3 exotics, and a dozen or so legendaries. Half of this year was earned and the other half bought (or obtained through exotic bounties). I’ve Never farmed a second in Destiny.

        • Yeah. Even without Queen’s Wrath missions it doesn’t really take much to get into gear that is equal to or better than anything you’d get off an engram. I think a lot of people have just jumped to the conclusion that the loot cave is the way to go without realising that the Cryptarch will turn four hours of farming the cave into either blues, items for a different class, or the wrong weapon. You can lose every match in the Crucible and still get more faster.
          If you’re bored of the loot cave run Strikes for Vanguard Rep/Marks and Crucible for Rep/Marks. Provided you do bounties to get your reputation up it’ll take at most three weeks to be in all epics.

          That said I think half the problem is that it doesn’t take much. It asks just enough to annoy players who don’t want to grind at all but it’s too short and random to be satisfying.

          My biggest recommendation for people is to just not care about progression so much. The game does this weird thing where like most MMORPGs it tries to convince you that you need to be in best in slot gear ASAP, but it also relies on just being a fun experience and there’s no real need for the best possible gear. If I remember correctly you’ve got until Christmas to get to Rank 30. Like all MMOs it’s not going to leave you behind if you don’t make it to Rank 30 by the time the new content is released. The new content will drop gear that boosts you right up to Rank 30.

    • For the money thrown into the game you would indeed expect to have more to do.

      But sitting down to play the game for a few hours and maybe taking half an hour on occasion to spawn kill a few enemies is hardly what most people are getting out of it anyway. The caves just offer one way to get some gear or upgrade materials you can’t get if you don’t have a team you want to play with, e.g. solo players. It’s an activity a lot of players engage in, but for a small amount of their Destiny game time. It’s just blown out of proportion as if it’s all people do because it’s reported on all the time and you always find someone doing it just through sheer volume of people who play the game.

  • Eh. I have found that running around doing chest loops more rewarding. Run, jump, collect spin metal etc, kill a few bad guys on the way and knock off some patrols all at the same time. Last night a friend and I did a loop on each planet for about 20 minutes a piece. Kept it fresh and I made over 30 of each collect able resource, found heaps of engrams including a purple fusion rifle and a very cool looking ship and earned almost a whole level of rep with future war cult.

    If you want to stand still and shoot, go for it. There is a time and place it can be useful, but is far from the best way to get further in the game.

    • Last night I had a rewarding session for material, vanguard rep/marks and engrams just from patrolling with @aliasalpha and another friend. We covered various parts of the cosmodrome to get the most out of the patrol beacons and participated in as many public events as possible for an hour or so. On top of that I had lucky rolls and got about 5 legendary engrams out of it.

      My rolls with the cryptarch weren’t quite so lucky of course. It really does seem a bit unfair that you make a lucky roll to get a legendary item only to have to roll again for a chance for it to be taken away, rather than just rolling for stats within the legendary class. It’s really quite retarded unless looked at as a deliberate attempt to stall progression for players.

      • Well the cryptarch has just had his colourblindness cured so your suspiciously freakish luck will be rewarded to a more absurd degree now, well done…

        As I said when we were playing yesterday, if I didn’t know you were so lazy I’d suspect you were a hacker.

  • The only way they can “fix” this is by lowering the drop rate for the entire game, which woul wreck the game.

    Just let the lame people do this lame farming rubbish, they’re only making the game less enjoyable for themselves.

  • I’ve personally had about 10 legendary engrams and not one has given me any legendary stuff. It’s super super annoying. I’m kinda over it really…

  • I checked this one out however it is far more efficient to do missions/strikes as that room only spawns 3 Dregs and 1 Vandal at a time which is about half of what the original ‘loot cave’ spawned. I stood around for about 45 minutes and go a total of 4 greens and 2 blues. Did a strike, got around 4 blues and 8-10 greens, took about 15 minutes.

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