They're Making A Hack-and-Slash Dragon Quest

They're Making a Hack-and-Slash Dragon Quest

And it's called Dragon Quest Heroes. It looks like Dragon Quest meets Dynasty Warriors.

Dragon Quest Heroes will be out on the PS3 and the PS4 next spring in Japan. Expect lots of this:

They're Making a Hack-and-Slash Dragon Quest

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    Omega Force. It will most definitely be dragon quest meets dynasty warriors then

      If you've seen the trailers then yes lol it's easy to see that, hopefully they stick to the lore and enemy types well though i'd have no problem with this :)

    why don't they just stick with cell shade, I loved cell shade in DQ8 :(

    YEEEESSSSSSSS!! With this and Hyrule Warriors, my dreams of cutting-a-bitch Dynasty Warriors style, in a fantasy world. WILL. COME. TRUE.

    Dragon Quest, yes!
    Dynasty Warriors, no!

    Please make a proper DQ RPG please. Well, at least it looks pretty.

    Last edited 02/09/14 7:09 pm

    DAMNIT KOTAKU STOP THE DAM GIFS. are you trying to give me a seizure whilst im watching the trailer?

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