This Batman Rollercoaster Looks Better Than Anything On The Oculus Rift

This New 4D Batman Theme Park Ride Looks Like a Giant Nope-Coaster

But I wonder if I could make it through the entire ride without barfing.

Outlook not so good.

The above new rollercoaster is a Batman rollercoaster. And like most things Batman, it looks sorta great. The marketing schtick is pimping the ride as a '4D' experience, which is bullshit of course, but refers to the manner in which it twists underneath itself in some seriously freaky ways.

Personally, I want a go on this thing. I might not enjoy it, it might make me barf my morning porridge all over myself and numerous other patrons, but I'm good with that. It'll be worth it and the rest is just collateral damage.

Batman: The Ride is headed to Six Flags in San Antonio, Texas at some point in 2015.


    Well seeing as they already have the 3D model with real time POV viewing angles working by the looks of that trailer... They should probably be able to release it for the Oculus if they so choose. :)

    Looks pretty similar to X3 at six flags in LA - Not that that's a bad thing of course.

    Cool but was the 10MB gif really needed? I thought the huge gifs were Kotaku US's job, not Kotaku AU.

    Looks not as good as the eejanaika at Fujikyu Highland in Japan. That has corkscrews.

    Looks fun. I don't really have any issue with sickness, but as I get older I do find that I get headaches from rollercoasters. I still enjoy them, but it takes me a while to get over the more extreme ones.

    Getting older sucks.

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