This Dark Souls Inspired Alcoholic Beverage Won't Increase Your Health

It will, however, get you drunk as hell.

If you've played Dark Souls you know how important the Estus Flask is. It replenishes health and in a game that's ball-breakingly difficult, replenishing your health tends to be quite important.

Reddit user 'tastethabass' decided to try and make a Dark Souls inspired cocktail. The goal, of course, was to make the thing look as orange and glowy as humanly possible.

Mission accomplished.

According to its creator, the recipe contains the following...

- 2-3 shots of Jose Cuervo silver, - Pineapple orange juice, - Sunny D - A few drops of fruit punch Mio

My question is simple: how do you +1 this shit? Add more booze? Add a Red Bull or something? What if I need more health?


    Sunny D will do for the sugar so not sure you need a Red Bull.

    Drop a tab of No-Doze Plus in there and increase the shot count to 3-4 and you have yourself a drank.

    My question is simple: how do you +1 this shit? According to Dark Souls lore, by finding the soul of a lady who is the corporeal manifestation of a bonfire and contains within her bosom an infinite amount of humanity writhing around. Shouldn't be too hard to find. ^_-

      Not sure how many of those you'd find In Da Club

      Go the dark souls 2 route and just grind some bone dust in there. Can't find bone dust? take the bones of those around you. They don't need them as much as you

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