This Great Parody Of Live Action Trailers Is Still A Live Action Trailer

The Sunset Overdrive Live Action trailer is pretty great. It's not as good as that legendary E3 trailer — which was truly hilarious and subversive all at the same time — but it's still pretty great.

But I can't shake this strange feeling. This is a parody of the live action trailer, but it's still a live action trailer. It's still that weird kind of marketing where no footage of the product being advertised is actually shown.

I guess that seems pedantic, but I think it strikes me as emblematic of a potential stumbling block for Sunset Overdrive as a video game.

Because while Sunset Overdrive is all-set to be a parody of the first person shooter, it still has to be a first person shooter. I think it's sort of a video game curse. That might end up being problematic. For example Scary Movie is a parody of the horror genre, but it isn't actually a horror movie — it's a comedy.

I see Sunset Overdrive as being almost like Clickhole, The Onion website that cleverly parodies the kind of clickbait posts you see on Buzzfeed. I enjoy that site, and it makes me laugh — but I can never shake the feeling that Clickhole is actually still, at its core, the exact same as Buzzfeed. Is it any different just because it's funny? I'm still clicking on cheaply produced content. The difference between the two is subtle.

I guess what I'm really trying to say here is that if Sunset Overdrive is to be successful it needs to be more than a subtle twist away from a traditional shooter. It has to genuinely innovate within the shooter genre. It has to walk the walk. I'm super keen to see if it can deliver.


    Am I the only one who thought the Sunset Overdrive E3 trailer was trying too hard and came across as a little lame?

    If you’re going to be funny or new or whatever then go for it, but you need to contribute something different yourself above just making fun of the others and putting “edgy” swear words in the trailer.
    “Ohhh! This game has a swear word in the trailer and it made fun of Call of Duty! How rad!”

    It’s all very early 90’s, ‘Sega does what Nintendon’t’ kind of advertising. It makes me cringe a bit.

    Um - but there was footage of the product shown...

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