This Legend Of Zelda Graffiti Is Perfection

This is beautiful. This is how you marry form and function people. I want you to think of this the next time you think randomly writing your name on a wall is a good idea. THIS is what awesome graffiti looks like.

It's perfect. In a Link Between Worlds Link actually superimposes himself onto walls and here he is ON AN ACTUAL WALL.

I love this so much.

Via Reddit


    Where is it??? Looks awesome! I want it on the wall of my house.

      There are bricks for scale, shouldn't be too hard. You can buy a bucket of coloured chalk for a few dollars.

    Looks great, but they need to move it a little to the left and colour that crack in the wall as a crack between worlds.

    For true perfection, I'd have expected the drawing to cut at the crack, so it'd seem it crawled out of it all 2D-like.

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