This Week In Games: If You Thought Last Week Was Bad...

Well, there you go. Another terrible week in video game releases. Maybe we should go and do something else. Give squash a try, or carpet bowls. Or lawn bowls for that matter. Or you could totally just play games that you already own, that is also an option.

Metro Redux (Xbox One, PS4,PC)

What is it? This was supposed to come out last week. Wonder what happened. Should you care? Ah well, same goes. This is a cool package I think.

Orborun (PC)

What is it? This is like Spindizzy or Marble Madness or any of those ball rolling games, but cranked up a notch. Should you care? I like this concept. I want to play one of these games again.

RECYCLE: Waste Management Simulator (PC)

What is it? I'm so glad a game like this exists. Should you care? But nah... I'm not going to play it. But if you're passionate about waste management? By all means, be my guest.

Runers (PC)

What is it? A top down rogue-like with shooting elements. Should you care? Just that genre mash-up is enough to get me intrigued. This looks like a lot of fun. It's low budget, clearly, but looks interesting.

The Sims 4 (PC)

What is it? It's The Sims. With some stuff missing. And some new stuff added. Should you care? Oh I dunno.

Train Fever (PC)

What is it? It's like Train Simulator: 1850s edition. Should you care? Clearly people play these games. I have no idea who.

Buying anything? Let us know in the comments below.


    The Sims 4 (PC)
    What is it?
    Should you care?

    XD Perfect.

    I thought Metro Redux was out. It appears to be on the x1 store anyway. The bundle has a decent price of $51.70 (Aus store).

      Change it to Hong kong get it for $27

      Last edited 01/09/14 10:05 am

      $54.95 on PSN, and $59.99 for a boxed copy from Mightyape with a free poster.

      Very tempting.

        orrrr $27 on Xbox One... I know where I'm buying my games now haha

    The Sims 4 is out this week? That went quick. Hey EA, give me a call when you care to "focus on Mac" again. Jerks.

      Does Sims 4 not work on Mac? What a dick move.

        Yeah. I didn't know until the PC specs were posted, and it was pointed out that there were no Mac specs -

        I played the hell outta Sims 3. I'm still playing the Into the Future expansion!

      Just wait a year and you can buy the ultimate limited exclusive gold platinum edition with all expacs and swimming pools included with mac support! Toddlers will come back in Sims 5 =P


        Mwaaahahahaha we cracked their code!

          Let's face it... they'd make more money not making it exclusive =P And we all know how EA feel about money!

      Can't you just dual boot and run it that way?

        I won't bootcamp my Mac, and I have Parallels, but my Windows installed is effed, and it was a digital download from a rep, not a physical copy and now the code isn't working, yada yada yada. I could do it, but I don't want to (so I'm not complaining too much, really. It just seems silly that they did this for Sims 3, and it was a success, but they're not doing it for Sims 4).

          Well, for what it's worth, I agree it's bollocks they aren't supporting macs especially considering how many people own them these days. Kinda seems like they're shooting themselves in the foot and forgoing sales.

    GoD Factory Wingmen just came out. It's amazing. I probably don't need anything else till Beyond Earth is released!

    Just over one week until Destiny!

      Just over one week until Danganronpa 2 : Goodbye Despair!


    FWIW, if anyone's looking to play some squash, I'm always looking for new partners! :-)

      HAHA, @markserrels squash is actually/surprisingly quite a great sport. @edenist always up for a smash around the court!

      Last edited 01/09/14 12:50 pm

    I play train sims @markserrels :P makes much more sense to me than The Sims 4 does :D

      Dude, I'm not judging. I find it fascinating.

        Yeah, I know you're not judging. Just something to relax to while making models. I'm not going to fork over $3000 for all the DLC on Train Simulator though :D just pick out with packs you want and go with those. Sure they're still overpriced but that's what Steam sales are for

    I'll wait til I can get Sims 4 with the 48 DLC packages bundled in for $20 next year.


    You missed:
    - Dead Rising 3 (PC/Steam, 5th September)
    PC port of the Xbox One game with some stuff added and probably a more stable framerate.

    - Danganronpa 2 (Vita, 2nd September US, 5th Europe)
    Sequel to the one released a while back, basically an Ace Attorney game with a more violent, Zero Escape-style edge to it.

    - Warframe (Xbox One, 2nd September)
    Free to play shooter thingie that's also been on PS4 for a while

    - Hatoful Boyfriend (PC/Steam, 2nd September)
    Dating sim involving dating men who are pigeons. How is this not on your list?

      Came here to mention Hatoful Boyfriend.

      Honestly I was(/am?) considering buying it for Mark, so he could do one of his patented Markticles, because that would be hilarious.

      But seeing as it now comes out just a few days before Destiny, I suppose it just was not meant to be.

    If there is a lack of video games news just get Luke Plunkett to write a few filler words I mean articles.

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