This Week In The Business: The Dorky-Looking Goggles People

This Week In The Business: The Dorky-Looking Goggles People

"We're going to be remembered as the dorky looking goggles that people were putting on in the beginning." -- Oculus CEO Brendan Iribe, talking about what he sees as a vast future for Virtual Reality.

Elsewhere in the business of video games this past week ...

QUOTE | "We're fighting the good fight with premium and treating the customer with respect. Meanwhile, our little go-kart is being passed by Ferraris." -- Camouflaj founder Ryan Payton, talking about his episodic mobile game Republique.

QUOTE | "My guess is 100-200 people at $US100,000 per year, so $US70-140 million sunk cost. It's pretty sad that it took so long to figure out how bad the game was." -- Analyst Michael Pachter, estimating along with other analysts the cost to Blizzard of the cancelled Titan MMO project.

STAT | 25,000 -- Number of temporary employees GameStop is planning to hire for Christmas; this is an increase of 47 per cent over last year's seasonal hiring.

QUOTE | "I can spend ten minutes talking about the problems with this device. We're not afraid of them." -- Oculus VP Max Cohen, talking about the Samsung Gear VR mobile headset for virtual reality.

STAT | 10 million -- Number of iPhone 6 units sold in the first weekend of availability, a new record for Apple; this is equal to the total number of PlayStation 4 consoles sold so far in its first year.

QUOTE | "Consumers want the ability to play anywhere." -- ESA president and CEO Michael Gallagher, talking about their survey showing one-third of Americans age 13 and older play games on their smartphones, and two-thirds of those say it hasn't reduced their console gaming time.

QUOTE | "I found out later that I was annoying the hell out of folks I worked with for tweeting so much. But, hey, it seems to have worked out in the long term." -- Mike Bithell, creator of Thomas Was Alone, talking along with others about the pros and cons of social media for indie developers.

QUOTE | "What you remember is Doom or Quake or one of these pieces of content, you don't remember VoodooFX." -- Oculus CEO Brendan Iribe, explaining at the OculusConnect conference that the content is more important that the Oculus Rift itself."

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