Three Day PAX Australia Passes Temporarily Available

Three day PAX Australia passes were completely sold out but now, while stock lasts, a small amount of these passes have been made available. So if you missed out and you're keen, click on this link quickly!

The reason for the shortfall is this: now that media and PAX Enforcer passes have been approved, the three day passes that those people bought have been refunded, hence the additional tickets. I can't imagine there are too many of these tickets available, but it might be worth checking out if you are in need of a three day pass. Worth stressing: this is strictly a while stocks last situation.

Have at it friends.


    I bought my 3-day pass the night they started selling them.

      Same - I missed out last year, and although it's going to turn into an expensive holiday - I think it will be worth it! Which reminds me, I have to book my flights.

        It's only an hour drive for me.

          Rub it in :P

            It costs about as much gas to drive per day as it does to stay a night in a hotel.

              Lol, that makes me feel a little better :) Although I think my nightly rate is up there - I haven't looked at it in ages :P

    Saturday ticket + forgetfull + Booked holidays on the same weeked+ Chris Roberts attending = Dissapointed I cant go.

    Looks like I'm flying down then... Brisbane film festival got canned so I have to do something half entertaining with my time.

    *sigh* didn't have any money when the initially went on sale, don't have any money now.

    Why cant the sale of these ticket sync up with when i have money? dammit.

    I think PAX is officially off the cards for me and the mrs this year. october/november are not good months....

    already down to our last $80 for this paycheck with another 10 day left till the next, my bro-in-laws birthday dinner this week, my car broke down yesterday, wifes car rego next month, as well as our 5th wedding anniversary....

    I hate money...

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