Two Video Villains Team Up Against The Amazing Spider-Man 2

In the spirit of the Sinister Six or possibly that Marvel event where all the villains swapped heroes, Screen Junkies and Cinema Sins have teamed up to deliver a one-two Everything Wrong With/Honest Trailer punch to The Amazing Spider-Man 2, with a twist!

This time around Screen Junkies handles the Everything Wrong With video, while the Cinema Sins guy tackles the movie’s Honest Trailer, which must have been a lovely change from editing a massive 13+ minute video. It’s a fun swappy thing, and they couldn’t have picked an easier target.


  • “Everything wrong with the amazing spiderman 2”? I would have thought that video would have gone for 142 minutes *Badum-tishhh*

    (in all honesty, that movie was alright, not fantastic, but I did enjoy it)

  • I actually thought it was great. It’s no Iron Man/Winter Soldier/GotG, but it was still one of my more pleasurable cinema experiences this year.

    • If you liked it, you’d freakin’ LOVE the comics!

      To me, the only thing I like about TASM1&2 is Gwen. I didn’t really enjoy the movies.

      When something is successful/popular, it’s that way for a reason. That is its “recipe”. Take Coke for example… you have your popular original Coke, and then you have alterered/”improved” Coke. The Zeroes, the Lemon, the Vanilla, etc. Maybe you tweak that recipe yourself and add rum or something. It could be better or worse… that’s subjective on the individual… but if you stray from the formula too much, you end up losing what it’s all about. Movies are the same!

      With Iron Man, one big change is that the war was changed to Iraq to be relevant. The origin is pretty much the same, Iron Man is the same genius who invented his own stuff, people would still like to have their own suit of IM armour, etc. Very respectful to the source material and it worked. In IM3, they changed the Mandarin, and it didn’t work.

      With Winter Soldier, we get to see why Steve Rogers is still relevant in today’s era… he can outrun a normal man and take on things like only a super soldier could. The antagonists are relevant, and aside from the helmet, it’s fairly respectful to the source material and it worked.

      With TASM1&2(and Raimi is also guilty with his 3 movies) they changed the formula a lot, and hence there are things that worked, and things that didn’t. So for example… in the comics, Peter Parker is a genius, he made his webbing, he made his web shooters, he’s not a stalker, he doesn’t take credit for other peoples’ achievements(i.e. his father’s formula, which was “invented”), he loves his Aunt May in an inspirationally self-sacrificing way(like the video of the asian guy who helps everyone like giving his food to a dog, and his money to a begging girl for education), and he’s basically just a guy that you just really hope that the world will give him a break. So what happens is that Peter Parker isn’t really done right in any of the movies. The other elements are the supporting cast, Spider-Man, and the villains, and they are all immensely important. The key supporting cast of Harry, Gwen, Flash, MJ, Aunt May, and JJJ should be similarly respected. JJJ, Aunt May(s), and Gwen were pretty much movie perfect, but what’s missing is the dynamic and them all being in one movie. Harry, Gwen, Flash, MJ and Peter used to hang out together like friends do… and it’s the social drama which makes them interesting supporting characters. It’s hugely successful on shows like Friends and Seinfeld… even Walking Dead. Gwen and MJ kind of fight over Peter as rivals, Peter/Gwen choose each other, MJ still tries for him when she can and it upsets Harry(who as a rich kid also doesn’t get attention from his career driven dad so turns to drugs), and Flash is a bully turned soldier turned friend. The super-villains are mostly done wrong too. The best movie ones were Sandman(perfect) and Doctor Octopus(pretty good). The Lizard was technically fairly accurate but not translated right, and they dropped the ball with Curt Connors and his wife Martha and son Billy. The super-villains have their own motivations. Personal wealth and power are large ones(robbing banks- like the first deleted trailer, and running the criminal underworld/mafia), The Lizard is like the Hulk with a Dr Jekyll/Mr Hyde thing, Kraven wants status, etc. The Sinister Six is the bringing together of all of them to beat up on their mutual foe… kind of like a reverse “Avengers”. The two problems here are that you need to care for Peter Parker more first, and also that the super-villains are shallow to begin with. The Spider-Man costume has been getting better, but it has that annoying symbol on the back unlike the official one. Calling Electro “Sparkles” is very “Spider-Man” and I don’t think it had been done in the comics before… approved regardless.

      That’s a bucket list. There are other problems. The intro music to TASM2 was TERRIBLE. A joke. The super-villains were similarly exaggerated/campy. “Dwayne Dibly”(google him if you don’t know) Max Dillon, Kafka, etc. Overpowered Electro from the start(he got upgraded a few years ago and hasn’t made too many appearances since, he was a guy with electricity powers before that). And… killing people. When George Stacy died, he told Peter to look after Gwen. And Gwen… she was killed by a writer called Gerry Conway, a mere 11 issues after he started writing(issue 121). For the 110 issues prior, almost everything Spider-Man was established by Stan Lee. There haven’t been many true improvements added since then… Black Cat, Hobgoblin, Venom, Carnage… more supporting cast etc, but MOST of the villains and everything that made Spider-Man successful was already introduced. If you read comics or watched cartoons, you would typically barely see Gwen anymore(Spectacular Spider-Man cartoon is the exception), and I encourage you to watch the Spec Spidey cartoon and the 90’s cartoon and read Essential Spider-Man TPB#2&3(the best), because they were done fairly well. If you read reviews on the internet, most of them say that TASM2 is not very good, but the Peter/Gwen chemistry was. By killing her, this is where they dropped the ball the most… because they just killed the main draw-card of the franchise! This is hundreds of millions of dollars worth of stupidity… and even if they somehow introduce MJ and make her BETTER than Gwen, it’s a HUGE gamble and still creatively inaccurate. Just stupid.

      I know I must just sound like some whinging fan, but the movies are really like Diet Coke to me. I hate Diet Coke, and I would rather drink water. Some people out there might like Diet Coke. But the thing is… is that people should probably experience them all to know why this is better than that… even if they rank them differently. This is why to me, the Winter Soldier and Days of Future Past were awesome movies, and the Raimi and Webb movies were shallow and terrible.

      • thanks for taking the time to write such a well-worded, educational, factual and intelligent response. Unfortunately I’m unable to return the favour as my phone hates this site and makes it painfully difficult to type replies so I apologise in advance. I see you have a strong emotional attachment to the comics which is fine. personally I didn’t read many – most of my knowledge of marvel and dc have been gathered through tv, movies, video games, books, the internet and conversations with other fans.
        It is my understanding that GotG and the Avengers also strayed quite a lot from the comics but they also remained good (arguably the best in fact) so I don’t think that’s the reason why the purely comic fans didn’t like films such as this (and Iron Man 3, for example). The fact is that no movie can EVER be as good as a book or a comic because they are 90% imagination and comics/books cannot be 100% transferred to film. I know it’s hard but try and see them as two completely different entities. If you do this you *may* enjoy them for what they are 🙂

        • Thanks and yeah no probs I wasn’t expecting an essay lol. I’m also the same and appreciate the other forms of entertainment(I frequently point people to Captain America deflecting the helicopter in the 2nd Marvel vs Capcom 3 cinematic as I love that) and talk with people.
          Straying from the formula is okay if it’s an improvement or not too severe(taking a gamble). That’s exactly what GotG and the Avengers are. There wasn’t a dancing Groot in GotG comics to my knowledge, and things like that made the movie to a lot of people. With the Avengers, they strayed a bit, but the core foundation and dynamic was the same(No Antman/Wasp and Hawkeye was a bit of a letdown though). Like the 616 and Ultimate universes, there are differences(like Nick Fury is black instead of his white Howling Commando version and it still works). I didn’t mind Iron Man 3, but it did stray to make it worse. No Mandarin and his 10 rings for example… it would be awesome to see Iron Man fight this guy. It’s not 100% compulsory, but it is a large missed opportunity. Norman Osborn was also the Iron Patriot too from taking Tony’s armour… minor gripe but lost potential(just a repainted War Machine).
          Spider-Man really fluctuates to be honest(both movies and comics). What makes him good? If you watch the 90’s cartoon, it’s quite entertaining even though it hardly has most of the supporting cast. Spider-Man 2 is fairly entertaining for the Spidey parts as well. TASM2 is good for the Gwen parts. JJJ is awesome in the Raimi films. Gwen has been dead in the comics for decades and MJ is hardly around. Like a steak dinner, the individual components make the experience. The feature(steak/Spidey) is the drawcard, but it’s support((chips/veggies/drink/sauce)/(supporting cast)) make the meal, the other person at the table(villain) sets the scene, and the conversation/restaurant is the rest of the experience(script and performance vs is a kid screaming, music playing, etc). You go to a restaurant and the steak is awesome and the chips are soggy and stale… and then the next time you go, the steak is tough and leathery but the chips are awesome… and then the next time you go, the steak and chips are passable, but the company is abysmal and your drink tastes like used toilet water. Ugh. The vision for what is a perfect foundation is the original Stan Lee run of ASM#31-110 or so. That being said, TASM’s primary shortcoming was the shallow villains.

          I do enjoy movies for what they are. DOFP, TWS, Avengers… not 100% comic book perfect, but great movies because of the foundation, storyline and acting. I also disagree with movies vs a book… although it’s generally true, I think that Lord of the Rings was better as a movie.

          Oh yeah and comic book perfect isn’t perfect… it’s the guide and has room for improvement. Gerry Conway killing Gwen was a mistake. The Spider-Man comics have been hit and miss since then. Gwen being alive and supporting cast has successfully been done with the Spectacular Spidey cartoon and up until the end of TASM2. I think the scene in the movie was visually effective(aside from GG and the web-hand), but still repeating a mistake and a lost chance for improvement.

  • Still confuses me why people disliked this movie…
    Edit: saw note of iron man above. I hope this isn’t referring to iron man 3. That was disappointing to say the least.

  • the thing that pisses me off about these ‘everything wrong with’ videos is that half of them arent even things thazt are wrong with, just things he didnt like.

    personally i watched it for the first time last night, and i loved it, it elicited emotions i didnt expect, the humour gave me awesome nostalgia from the the cartoon i used to watch in the 90s, the sound track was awesome, and i appreciated it even more after watching the special features about it, i thought there was a good character development for a comic book movie.

    this is a movie, im glad i didnt go into looking to pick it apart, i enjoyed it alot.

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