Up In The Club, Doing Our Own Lil' Thing

Up In The Club, Doing Our Own Lil' Thing

Tina and I are enjoying our sweet new outfits.


    I don't even know how to sit down in the tower, much less do that.

      D-Pad you know those buttons you never really use in a game but just sit there on your controller? Yep. Those ones.

      Up is wave, left is point, down is sit, right is dance.
      So, the only one you really need to know is 'right'.

    If I remember correctly from the beta you just press the d-pad buttons.

    Another awesomely useful post!

    Oh and thanks for the non existant first day tips and tricks, character creation guide etc.... Was it just me or Kotaku was dead yesterday? I expected craploads of Destiny articles and all we get is this rubbish?

    29 people on my xbox friends list were playing destiny last night.

    What the hell are you people doing.... you know you can be robots right??? FRICKEN ROBOTS!!!!
    Why the hell are so many people going the Blue faced dudes... do they not know you can be a goddamn robot?

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