Wasteland 2 Looks Incredibly Complicated

Wasteland 2 Looks Incredibly Complicated

Video: I played through Fallout 1 and 2 multiple times, but didn’t like the squad based complexity of Fallout Tactics. So this latest trailer for Wasteland 2 is bad news for me. The trailer spends several minutes explaining the seemingly infinite options in designing a squad, only to then show how a poorly designed squad will instantly be cut to pieces in the game. It’s almost designed to scare players away.


  • if some people cant follow the amount of detail and customization as presented in this video then perhaps they really shouldn’t play this game. It really wasnt hard to follow and there really wasnt that much detail in what he is saying. Gamers have really become extremely lazy these days, this game isnt made for them and I dont think the devs really care if it keeps those people away.

    PS you ignored the part where he explained a few times how there was premade characters to get started on if feeling overwhelmed so dont need to play your own creations.

  • I agree. I started watching this video fearing it was going to be way too complex, but left feeling it was totally manageable.

    Wasteland 2, like Divinity: Original Sin, is an RPG which harkens back to the games of old, where this kind of customisation is a part of the experience.

    Honestly didn’t feel too overwhelmed by it. Sure there were a lot of options, but I would begin the game using preset characters and venture into full customisation in a second play through.

  • This article is everything that is wrong with this generation of gamers. If it doesn’t have a Michael Bay explosion, flashy lights and/or neon arrows telling you exactly what to do it’s deemed obscure, obstinately difficult or simply overwhelming.

    Fuck off, take your publisher focus groups with you and leave niche games alone. /angryrant

    • I kind of disagree. Personally, I spend a lot of time reading dense textbooks for University. As a result I just get turned off when a game’s tutorial involves flicking through manuals and spreadsheets just to be able to play a game ‘reasonably well, but still mostly bad’.

      Honestly, I wish I can sit down and play a game like Crusader Kings 2. But I, like other people, don’t have the time or the patience for that kind of stuff anymore.

      • Which is fine – there is more than enough games out there that fit that model. You want to sit and just push buttons – there is a veritable fuck load of games that do that.

        My major angst with this comes from every major publisher actively reiterating and refining gaming genres (PR speak for dumbing shit down). They essential rip the shit out of what made that genre interesting to the point where its some convoluted mess. Take dragon age for example – what was originally a throw back to crpg days (origin) is now some actiony manga like shite with explosions here flashy lights there – “Push a button something awesome happens – button = awesome”. All to appeal to a larger audience. Wasteland and the numerous other kickstarted CRPG games are being designed and specifically funded not for mass market appeal, but to fill a niche – a type of game that has not had any publisher support for many, many years.

        You want a game where there is no need to think. That’s ok, I enjoy games like that too at times. Just don’t try and turn every fucking game into the same shitty mass market appeal at the lowest common denominator.

          • fanboy

            of what precisely?

            He was just commenting on his feelings for the game

            As I was towards the refining and reiteration that publishers do to genres to cater players like him\herself.

          • I understand you’re argument, but I guess it boils down to how a company balances in-depth customization and simplicity. I agree wit you, loved dragon age:origins. Two just felt like mmo garbage. But on the otherhand, Firaxis did a pretty amazing job with X-Com: Enemy Unkown.

            Same reasons I go back to Civ 5 over other turn bases strategy games like Endless Space, or AI Warfleet (i think that’s what it’s called).

          • but thats the point. This was funded under the assumption that it will be true to its roots. They made that abundantly clear in the kickstarter vids.

            Like i said there is a myriad of publishers out there willing to rip the guts outa genres to make it more accessible. These crpgs should not be open to this criticism as the whole idea behind it, one of there major selling points (most definitely to me anyway), was that they weren’t catering to mass market appeal – stuff was going to be a little bit obtuse and not so obvious, it requires reading and the player to put more thought in. RPGs like that, imo, are all to rare. If i want to play a game with little thought and just enjoy the story presented to me i have ample to chose from conversely i have to look at games that are 10yrs old to do the same if im after something a little bit more in depth.

  • FINALLY IT RELEASES! Fuck all those articles these game sites keep bleating on about, on all the big new aaa titles, that do nothing fucking new. I’ve been waiting for Wasteland 2 for ages. Only thing is it’s a bit expensive and I’ll probably wait for some reviews from youtubers to tell me if the content is worth the price.

  • I’m guessing the author has never played a tabletop RPG.

    I backed Wasteland 2 hopeing for a proper RPG, and good golly it looks like I’m getting one. Very happy.

  • … yes. That’s what the BACKERS asked for. It was discussed extensively on the Wasteland 2 Forums with lots of input from everyone.

    It’s like XCom and it’s combat. Strategy. I think that’s the issue. People need to realize that combat in this game is going to be strategy combat, not point click shoot.

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