Watch Sony Japan's Fall 2014 Press Conference Here

Today in Tokyo, Sony Computer Entertainment Japan is holding a press conference. What will be revealed? Watch and find out. (Note: the presentation is over.)

Here is English! Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream


    looking forward to some of those games

    Last edited 01/09/14 6:00 pm

    So much love for the vita so far! makes me happy..

      I must move to Japan, that seems to be where all the Vita love is!

    About time we got an Everybody's Golf for PS4. That should have been there at launch! :D

      That'll be one of the games to make me finally get a PS4, I think.

      I just hope (not having watched the presentation) that they do away with all the micro-transactions they introduced in the Vita version. Locking off top-tier balls and clubs was pretty damn stingey.

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