Watch The Makers Of System Shock Play It For Its 20th Anniversary

Watch The Makers Of System Shock Play It For Its 20th Anniversary

System Shock‘s one of those games that lots of descendant creations owe a huge debt to. If you’re a fan of moody, story-centric first-person experiences like Deus Ex or BioShock, then you should be watching some of System Shock‘s creators play it right now.

Watch live video from algorithmancy on

Programmer/designer Marc Leblanc has been livestreaming the first System Shock for a few hours now and has been joined by other former Looking Glass Studios peers like writer/game-maker Austin Grossman. They have already talked about how Zelda and various Interplay titles influenced the creation of System Shock. Also, Leblanc said that he approached EA to see about potentially crowdfunding a System Shock 3. Turns out nobody knows quite who has the various rights to the various pieces of the System Shock property. They’re answering questions from chat so, if you have a burning question about an all-time classic PC game, then head over there.


  • Isn’t the easiest way to find that out to simply throw up a page declaring you’re starting work on a new System Shock game, include some early test footage etc, and then wait to see where the C&D comes from?

  • I was just thinking about the original System Shock the other day, wondering if there was a way I could dig it up.
    In the end I just Youtubed some footage of it for old times sake.

    What a classic!
    I was saying in another post a few months ago that when I think of my favourite games of all time I have trouble picking which title in the System Shock lineage I’d put in my top 10.
    System Shock itself was a great title, the sequel was (and still is) brilliant, the Deus Ex series and Bioshock both owe this game for much of their design…. I think if I put together a top 25 games of all time all those games would make the list.

  • And I literally just decided to start replaying SS2 last night (hadn’t read this story till just now).
    Both great games!

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