Well, This NERF Gunfight Escalated Quickly

Well, This NERF Gunfight Escalated Quickly

Video: This video begins with some bored Australian kids. It ends about as John Woo as you can get without doves flying out of something.

[via Laughing Squid]


    what the hell did i just witness...

      Kotaku getting it's articles from Reddit again

        And so spoke the Prophet "In the future, for man and machine, all information will be derived from the great Reddit"
        The town's people did look on, and one did say "Get off your high horse, not everyone goes to Reddit".

        Then they held a feast.

        Last edited 11/09/14 1:21 am

    If you have seen the Ronald McDonald Nek Nominate video, done by the same guys. They make hilarious really well done videos

    LPlunkett getting his articles from Reddit again.

    Definitely chekc out their Star Wars Vs Harry Potter, one. Extremely funny.

    Glad they reposted this from reddit... I actually missed it.

    Brings back memories of epic nerf wars at my mums place

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