What Are You Playing This Weekend?

What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Well, I finally managed to unpack my consoles. Everything’s connected up to my TV and all is right with the world. I turned on my PS4 for the first time in a while and — of course — was confronted by all sorts of updates.

But yeah, that’s alright I guess. It’s the nature of the beast nowadays.

The game I’m most keen on playing? I think it’s Velocity 2X, which is free for PlayStation+ subscribers this month. I’ve heard some amazing things about it and, from what I can tell, it’s a game that does some interesting things with interaction and sound. This is one of my favourite things in video games, and the reason why I love games like Child of Eden and Everyday Shooter. Really looking forward to playing it.

I also got Sportsfriends on PlayStation+, which is a stark reminder that I need to get some more DualShock 4s. Goddammit. I don’t have cash for this!

What are you guys and girls playing this weekend?


  • Lego Marvel with the missus tonight.
    D3 and possibly some Dead Rising 3 the rest, with some Baldur’s Gate on my phone.

  • Only purchased a PS3 earlier this year, so most likely Shadow of the Colossus HD as I’ve never played the original.

  • Might check out Velocity 2X, given that it’s free and all, but I honest-to-goodness am going to start bloody Deus Ex: HR on Wii U this weekend. Been planning to for weeks, just hasn’t happened.

    Oh, unless I start playing 2+ player Diablo III on PS4. Crap.

  • Probably going to the Moscow Circus. Also wondering what to do about Fathers Day.

    Fiinshed a Link Between Worlds, maybe move on to another 2DS game.

    Maybe go through my backlog or start recording some Halo 2 footage.

    • …wait, are you in or around Ballarat? (If the Moscow Circus is still there, I mean. Otherwise this question makes no sense.)

        • Oh no, I was just curious – I grew up in the vicinity of Ballarat and was up there last weekend to visit the parents and I saw the circus was in town 🙂 I sometimes forget how small the world is!

  • Because I recently picked up a PS4 I’ll be continuing with Infamous: Second Son, probably some Diablo 3, and maybe a bit of The Last Of Us: Remastered. Also want to try out Velocity 2X, Don’t Starve, Transistor, The Last Tinker and try and at least make a start on Oddworld: New ‘N’ Tasty.

    And of course on Sunday (Father’s Day) I’ll have to play some Octodad: Dadliest Catch.

    • Almost finished my Good Karma playthrough, will finish again on hard evil karma for the platinum, I bought TLoU:R but haven’t started yet. I got the free ps+ games haven’t tried Velocity but the Sports friends one was minimum 2 players (only have one controller) and I think it requires a Move?

      • I’ve got a Move, but haven’t used it yet, been thinking about getting a few more coz the Target near me has them on clearance for 15 bucks each.

  • I’m in the middle of a Saint’s Row marathon so I’ll be playing SR The Third mostly. There’ll probably also be some Atelier Rorona Plus (Vita) and Etrian Odyssey Untold in there too.

    • SR series seems like a really odd choice considering your penchant for technical JRPG and strategy games… Never seen you mention anything else.

      …That’s right, I’m a Kotaku comments voyeur and have developed perceptions of each regular commentor’s gaming behaviour…

  • On call this weekend, so assuming I don’t get interrupted incessantly – Disgaea 4, Danganronpa 2 (still haven’t played the first, so that’s a free pass for now), Velocity 2X and Don’t Starve GE came out on Vita this week alone. Then there’s continued D3 on PS4.

  • I’ll be finishing Wolfenstein: The New Order (wish someone would mail that guy some cough drops), Rocksmith 2014 (learning some Cake songs) and probably Gran Turismo 6, again.

  • I’ll be finishing off Risen 3, and then maybe try some of the new Tomb Raider. maybe. who knows what I’ll feel like when I finish off Risen. Perhaps I’ll play it again as a bad guy! Maybe not right away though. That’d be a pretty mammoth effort.

  • I am going to finally get my first ever platinum tonight with Infamous Second Son. Beyond that I really want to check out Walking Dead Season 1 but I can’t figure out whether my save on PS3 will carry over to PS4 when I play season 2…???

  • Mostly playing Tales of Xillia 2, but switching over to Orcs Must Die: Unchained for a few matches here and there.

  • Arkanoid, Time Pilot & 1943. Have to replace a button on my machine first, my nephew is BRUTAL at smashing the buttons.

  • My wife finished Black Flag last night while I played Minecraft and drowned out any possible spoilers by listening to old podcasts, so my weekend will predominantly be trying to finish Black Flag before Destiny arrives next week. I still want to enjoy the side content but I will probably wind up doing a marathon push through the story late Sunday.

      • I took a long break from Assassin’s Creed and didint finish Brotherhood until Revelations came out, then took a long break from Revelations because I wasn’t enjoying it. Still picked up ACIII (in a sale, despite hearing it wasn’t very good) and got Black Flag for $50 about 6 weeks ago.

        My plan was to finish Revelations, see what ACIII was like (expecting to hate it), and move onto Black Flag.
        What actually happened was I still really disliked Revelations, sank about 35 hours into ACIII because I really enjoyed it, and I think I have about 20 hours in Black Flag and I don’t think I’m even halfway.

        • I could never get into the AC Franchise at all. i never really enjoyed the first game and then just avoided the rest. Picked up Black Flag on a whim and it is definitely my fav game from last console generation lol 🙂 sunk well over 200+ hours into it including some multiplayer too.

  • Mario Kart 8! It’s great! Bough a Wii U just so I could play it with my family and haven’t put it down for days.

    • I have the Lego Movie spaceship and a Lego City kit sitting in my loungeroom waiting for me to open them. Maybe this will be the weekend I finally do it… maybe…?

      • yeah. i have a few of the Lego city kits still unopened. i really wish i could find boxes of random blocks to be able to build something else. my sister is into the architecture range, and she got a Lego delorean. im slightly envious lol

  • Metro Redux on PS4. Didn’t play it on the PS3. Should tie me over till Destiny comes out on Tuesday.

  • It’s called 7 hour flight to Singapore then onto 13 hour flight to Paris then 5 hour wait until “cant remember how long” flight to Budapest.

    Once in Europe fine… But *groan*

  • After collecting Coke Reward points for 93 weeks and 4 weeks for delivery, my free PS4 arrived this morning.

    I think I’ll just play the freebies with PS4 this weekend since I am busy with volunteering for Sydney Fringe Festival and other things.

    I still need to finish the PS+ stuff from last month.

  • Minecraft (modded 1.6, focusing on mekanism). Almost ragequit last night thinking I had the option of either going through the entire tech tree of a mod I’d not touched since starting this time, or moving my base about ten chunks to the north to be in a biome suitable for what I’m trying to do. Came back with a cool head this morning, realised I could just set up an outpost there and use ender tanks to transport stuff – just need some more obsidian to make em.
    Likely some more Rocksmith – Minecraft has been too distracting to let me play much this week, so I need to rectify that.

  • Since we knocked over Diablo 3 last weekend and Destiny will begin next week, this weekend it’ll be finishing How to Survive (which Diablo interrupted) and trying some of the new kit in GTA online.

  • Just bought Reaper of Souls expansion for D3 and the game is soooo much better. I can see myself sinking some serious hours into this gearing my characters. All my mates aren’t into it though, I really need some co-op buddies…. Anyone?

  • -Titanfall on xbone (I’ve actually been able to find games almost instantly)
    – Witcher 2 on pc
    – velocity 2x, joe danger and the walking dead season 2 on vita

  • Tales of Xillia 2, I suspect.

    Throw in some Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc, and maybe some The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks.

    The hype for Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire is slowly eating at me, and I keep wanting to come back to Pokémon Y, but…

    I’m going to make myself wait for Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire before I pick up Pokémon again.

    …if I break, then I will be buying Sims 4. But I won’t break.

    Also we’re going to play some more of Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective later this weekend on TS with @gingerchris86 @redartifice (because BOARD GAMES!)

      • We’ve only done the first case so far but it was a lot of fun. And surprisingly cheaper in Australia to get than in other countries. I am tempted to resell it for more than its original purchase price 😉

  • Miasmata. Girlfriend bought it for me ages ago. Sat down the other night and became completely immersed in running around an island throwing rocks, drinking puddle water, foraging for plants, science-ing, taking drugs, building a map.
    This game has it all, as long as all is the totality of this game’s mechanics.

  • I’ll probably keep slamming Diablo III. I want to get my hardcore character to level 70 and my Barbarian’s gear to a respectable level. I’m running Torment II without dying but it’s pretty slow. Might venture into online co-op at some point too.
    If the sun stays out I think I’ll be breaking that up with some Super Mario World on the Wii U out the back.

  • I think I’ll try out Velocity 2x as well. Also about 3/4 the way through Bioshock Infinite and might go some Blast Corps for some nostalgic entertainment. Then onto Destiny on Tuesday like a few of you seem to be.

  • I gotta smash some games before Destiny

    Max payne 3, Dark Souls 2, Watch dogs, Ni No Kuni, Walking dead, Assassins Creed pirates

    I must not waste time on Warframe… but I’ll probably waste time on Warframe. Some nice dude just traded me a bunch of great stuff for nothing. I now have my Rhino Prime to level up, which is awesome.

  • Dark Souls in the Painted World of Ariamis just soul farming that gross bunch of monsters that congregate around the statue to build up my strength and endurance

    Also this weekend will try Warframe and the new game mode on Titanfall

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