What Are You Playing This Weekend?

I'll be playing this new, little indie game. You've probably never heard of it. It's this niche MMO/Shooter/RPG thing. LOL JKS I'M PLAYING DESTINY.

What are you playing this weekend?

But while I'm here, last weekend I was stuck down in Canberra and didn't get to play Destiny, so I spent a lot of time and I finally finished Fez on the PS Vita. I had spent a lot of time playing this on the 360, but never finished it. It's given me a whole new appreciation for the game. If you have a Vita and you missed Fez the first time round, I highly recommend it. Perfect for handhelds. An absolutely stellar game.

Anyway, what are you guys and girls playing this weekend?


    Wasteland 2! WASTELAND 2!

      I need to download it and check it out - bought it during early access a couple of months back, but never got around to it. Massive fan of Fallout 1/2/Tactics, so hoping this scratches the itch.

        I don't think it's been updated to full release on Steam yet. It's September 19 US so probably tonight or tomorrow for us. I'm wondering if I can download now and just patch it to full release later or if that will require another download. So excited to explore the wasteland though.

          5pm tonight (Friday 19th) the update will be released.

          To also answer the author's question..

          WASTELAND 2!!!!

            I'm fairly certain also that it will be using 'some' beta files.. so it will take a bit of the size away, but most likely still to replace a lot of files and be a hefty download on shitty Australian internet.

              Ah, might hold off the download until tonight then!

            For anyone who has yet to purchase the price will drop from $60US to $40US at 5pm (apparently)

              Fairly certain you can buy direct from their website for $20. It just did not include beta access. I might actually have a spare key through an accident back then.

                oh really i'll check it out , a spare key you say.... have i told you how handsome you look today tofuzombie

                  Had a further look into it.. I do have a spare key, but it's tied to my Ranger Centre account =\

                all good, i just bought it :) now the 8hrs of downloading begins

          Figuring it'll just be a patch, I'll start the downlo....22GB HOLY BALLS

            Yeah.. here's to hoping, brother. I've had the game installed for about a year, so I'm sincerely hoping that maybe I can get away with a 5gb or less patch.

              8.1GB.. Looks like I'm not playing until after the Footy, which is likely to end in a loss to my team. Bad night is bad.

      Yep, Wasteland 2 for me too. Had a small play with the beta but held off for the full game before getting too deep.
      Luckily I have fiber so any downloads should be nice a quick.

    BOARDGAMES :D :D :D I have a nice nerdy day lined up with a few friends tomorrow for some tabletop action with beers and merriment all round. Will be a nice change ^_^

      That was my weekend a few weeks ago. We all chipped in for Caverna and played until 3 am.

      That does sound like good times

    Most likely wrapping up some strikes in Destiny and farming for loot to get my light levels up - my wife is already 26 or 27 I think so she might wind up booting me off to try and raid if she can get her friends together for it, in which case I'll probably wind up playing through my amassed collection of point & click adventure games. I'm nearly done with the Blackwell series, and once I'm done with those I've got to go take another crack at Broken Sword.

      Have you attempted Vault of Glass yet? I just reached 26 last night and I wouldn't mind giving it a go. Has anyone attempted a Kotaku fire team yet?

        I'm only level 20 and only just finished the story last night so I'm going to spend this week grinding for legendaries and exotics before I even think about raids.

          Haha that's fair enough. I only managed to reach a high enough level by reaching Crucible Rank 2. Also as a tip, light levels on your armour increases slightly when you level the armour up.

          Anyway, if anyone is reading this and wants to attack the Vault let me know. I'm on ps4.

    Destiny..... Although with 3 kids the time slots for Destiny are limited. So there are 40 more teensies on Rayman to go, and Trials because it's trials..... Anyway, Destiny, because I feel less of a man for being under Level 20 now I can see lots of people on my friends list with Yellow numbers...

    Smashing more Destiny, breaking it up with Danganronpa and hopefully finally getting around to continuing my Perkermern X playthrough.

    Working on Saturday and Sunday, but got today and Monday off, so I'll be continuing with Disney Infinity 2.0 (already completed all the missions in the Avengers playset), also Destiny and D4 (if it decides to show up on the AU Xbone store).

    Edit: Ooh, and if the mood strikes me, maybe get back into Diablo 3: RoS.

    Last edited 19/09/14 11:34 am

    Diablo 3, arkham origins, and the watching my team lose at football game.

    Got to 20 in Destiny last night, so I'll finish off the story missions and then hit up some of the higher level stuff that is now unlocked. Probably some Diablo 3 too!

    No time for games, gotta get cracking on a PAX costume.

    But Mark, how can you play Destiny when seemingly every other site is panning it?

    I'm, of course, playing Destiny. Going to smash through some strikes to finish my exotic weapon bounty. First part of it was beat a weekly strike. Now I have to beat 25 strikes, don't know if that is the final part of the bounty yet.

    Painting a 28mm elephant for Warhammer Ancient Battles ... which makes me sooo much more of a nerd than any of you..

    (Oh and perhaps playing Spec Ops the Line, purchased during the SSS)

      Sounds like a Carthaginian army or perhaps a Persian army. That sounds pretty awesome either way.

      Definitely find some time to play Spec Ops, that is such a gem of a game, entirely unexpected...

      I'm a little out of the loop on Warhammer now, is this is different set of games from Warhammer Fantasy Battles??? Either way, sounds awesome!

    Maybe Hyrule Warriors if i gets the time. Otherwise just grinding away at Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate on Vita...

    I've got an Exotic Bounty for the Bad Juju Pulse Rifle I really want, so when I get home tonight I'll be doing 23 more Strikes, catching Xûr before he leaves, doing some Crucible, and hopefully claiming my prize before Monday morning. =)
    With any luck I'll be able to get some gear from Xûr too. I had a good run of Events on the Moon the other night so this time I've got more than two Strange Coins to offer him.

      Work boots off. XBOX on. See you Monday, outside world!

    The Last Of Us Remastered on 'Grounded" difficulty. Bring it on.

      That's the way! Might keep going with it myself.

    Probably Destiny with friends, then a mix of Etrian Odyssey Untold and Atelier Rorona Plus in the quiet moments. I think I might give Eliminage Gothic a look in too seeing as I can download it now.

    Probably some warframe.
    Board games on Saturday most likely. Thinking I might have to get back into playing a real game soon and see how it goes.

    I'm taking my PS3 over to a friend's tonight where we're going to drink and play Minecraft all weekend. I'm not sure what we're going to build but there'll be a good six hours of co-operative spelunking (can never have too much iron ore!), then he'll go off and do something and I'll go off and do something. Sunday is "build" day. At the bare minimum it'll be a roof and spiral balcony for our gigantic chiselled sandstone tower, and maybe plot out the base level of our walls.
    In between? Drinking games and darts.

      I read all comments here and chose your weekend o'spelunking, drinks and mateship as the best :)

      Last edited 19/09/14 12:21 pm

        Ha ha, I'm really looking forward to it. This is what happens whenever the missuses are away!

    Will be attacking a pile of local multiplayer games with a mate over some beverages and playing destiny. Got to lvl 21 last night. It's very addictive.

    Destiny - hopefully can get up to level 23 at least this weekend.

    Desert Golfing - it's majestic, thought provoking, inspiring, mesmorising, beautiful in its simplicity, genius, addictive, 99.9% perfect.

      Hoping to finish Desert Golfing this weekend.

        Any idea how many levels there are? I'm around 480 but I saw a screenshot of level 1300 or so a few days ago.

          What's the highest number you've seen? 1300, you say? Only a few more than that, then. You should join me in pushing for the end!

    Might finish off the side stuff in Infamous First Light and go for platinum.

    Got a mate coming over tonight with his 360 Destiny account gonna see if we can get his Character on my X1, apart from that none, off to Melbourne for a few days tomorrow, cant wait.

      would actually be interested to hear how you go with that..

        He signed in and everything was there when he booted up the game, he even popped all his achievements to match his 360 ones.

    I'll be getting my dog washed and trimmed.

    Other than that I'll most likely be working on my next review project. Which might also include playing Halo 2 for footage purposes.

    When I can find some time I might be playing Pokemon Y and Halo: Reach. Ever since Reach went free I'm seeing a boost in population with many rookie players.

      do you trim it yourself?


          Ok, just paid about $70 to get mine done today.

            It's 40-50 per dog for me.

              55 per dog for us, we used to trim our own, but now have this nice lady that comes round to pick them up...

                I used to always cut my dogs hair but now I have a pug and he just drops the hair wherever he likes.

                  god damn the endless mountains of Pug hair does my freakin head in! Do I have a pug or 14 Labradors? I can't tell anymroe

    I would say Destiny but I'm at level 20 and don't know if I can be bothered doing this whole light gear level up thing. HOW DO YOU LEVEL PAST 20??

    Last edited 19/09/14 12:11 pm

      Gear you earn from now carries light stats aswell as defence.

    D4: Dark Dreams Don't Die


    Also Destiny. On portable I'm swapping between SMTIV & Theatrhythm Curtain Call

    Destiny. On the cusp of hitting lvl 20. Yay....

    Anyone looking to buddy up in a fire team for general good times (and you're not a big phallus), give me ahoy - RetroSailBoat


      As long as my wife doesnt get annoyed at me for spending more time playing Destiny than paying attention to her then I am interested although I am only at Level 12 but pushing hard to get myself up a bit higher. I want to get to level 20 this weekend.

      Last edited 19/09/14 1:24 pm

        I hear ya!

        I generally have to tuck my wife into bed before my time to shine happens. However, I then have to occasionally deal with a summoning via text message from bed. Hehe....

        There's a bunch of KotakuAU players online, but most are 25+....damn nerds! ;-) I'm joking! I'm just jealous.

        I'm kicking around level 12 too. I'll probably be in there late tonight although I may be... impaired. Drunken Destiny. Yay. Feel free to add me.

          Got home last night after pizza and vino; couldn't bring myself to switching on the PS. My wife even said, "Don't you want to play your game?". All I could do was fall asleep in front of Fargo. Getting old.....

            Got home, made a snack, sat down on the couch, woke up at 2am, went to bed. :-/

      Hey I'll shout you an add later!

      I wonder if it's work pestering Mark for a Kotaku fireteam post.

        Yeah.... Not sure if there's many X1 players on here?

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