What Are You Playing This Weekend?

What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Destiny still hasn’t lost its lustre for me. I’m only at about Level 12 and just got done doing some strike missions with my all-star team of noobs — Luke Hopewell from Gizmodo and ex-Kotaku tech genius Ben White — so I’ll be mostly playing that.

Depending on who you talk to the game becomes even BETTER/WORSE when you hit level 20, so I’m kinda looking forward to seeing how that all works. The interesting thing is this: even the people who say the game gets terrible — they’re still playing it. A lot.

Also: I think it might be time for me to get a second PS4 controller since I’ve just picked up a copy of FIFA 15. As enthusiastic as I usually am for FIFA, I’m finding it difficult to get motivated for this one. Maybe I’ll get a bit more interested once I’m playing against friends.

What are you all playing this weekend?


  • Same same. Destiny and Fifa. Picking up Fifa at lunch from Dick Smith who I believe has the best deal ($67 or something.)

  • I’ve promised that this weekend is going to be all about the Lego Movie game. Emmet AND Batman AND UniKitty!? Woah!

    Plus Diablo III and Arkham Origins in my limited adult gaming time. Also torturing myself with Velocity 2X on the vita when in transit.

  • Moved across the country, if my stuff turns up probably some Skyrim. If it doesn’t well I’m sleeping on the carpet in an empty house

  • Destiny. Might even do a strike, which I haven’t done yet (at level 17) due to anxiety of playing with other people. If I suck they’ll hate me :/ haha.

    Also some Diablo 3 and finally got around to buying Arkham Origins so I’ll play through some of that as well.

    • You’re missing out! I am not a fan of multi-player games in general but the Strikes are great fun. I find it fine playing in silence!

    • If you’re on XBOX One add me (gamertag TenaciousDogMan). I’ve got no problems playing with someone who sucks, but if you can play the solo content it’s a safe bet to say that you’ll be able to play the Strike content reasonably well. It’s not like there are healers, tanks, etc like MMORPGs have. Just keep you eyes open, cover the other players backs and try not to go too slow.
      Oh, and a lot of the Strikes start out in the open world areas. Most players just mount up and drive past everything. until they get to the areas with limited respawning. So if you see your group jump on their bikes and ride off without you just follow them. It’s sort of annoying but you’re not missing anything.

    • I was nervous about the strikes too, but I had a go during the Beta and it seems to work. Running about, reviving each each, covering. Might not be precision play but it’s fun. And at the end, everyone has a little dance then a wave then a sit down… πŸ™‚ Done a couple in full Destiny now.

  • Dota has a new map!

    They moved some trees and the Dire ancients and some other trees and Roshan and some more trees!

    So probably that.

      • It’s simple: farm creeps until you’re strong enough to farm heroes.

        As for the people… well, the important thing is that you farm creeps until you’re strong enough to farm heroes.

      • Did you play Warcraft 3? It’s essentially the same RTS but controlling the one badass hero you had on each mission and taking on other heroes. What’s not to like!? Thought it was the perfect idea when it was first announced to be in the making.

  • Maybe a bit of destiny… i wanna check out this queens wrath content. Most likely will binge on WOW and try and get anything i need done before the 6.0 patch hits in the next few weeks.

  • I have a Warmachine Steamroller tomorrow. Going in with epic Reznik again.

    Since Reach has gone free I’ve been playing that a bit. Also trying some recording and commentary with it. Also putting some time into Pokemon Y.

    Other then that just working on my Halo 2 review.

  • Archeage, that is all. Queues are basically gone now, so best game out there at the mo. IMO πŸ™‚

  • Hanging with friends down south, so probably a bunch of Mario Kart.

    Hopefully there’s no godawful movie viewing this time.

  • I’ll be hanging out in Destiny with friends. Aside from that I’ll be playing a mix of Atelier Rorona+ and Etrian Odyssey Untold.

  • Well I bought a PS Vita to play Persona 4 while I head to Europe in a few weeks and am still not 100% on whether to return it or not, I’ve found the control sticks to be way too small and awkward, does it get easier over time?

    Otherwise I will be playing the game where I write my masters thesis for 72 hours straight only breaking for a 1200pt game of 40k at a friend’s place.

    • They are a bit small and awkward, but I play very few games where I use them extensively. Most of my time has been spent with the d-pad in Spelunky and Stealth Inc.

    • I like your style. There’s always room for 40K gaming!

      Using the Vita does get a bit easier over time as you find the best position to hold it in. Luckily for P4G you don’t really need to use the sticks much unless you are dungeon crawling or going from point A to point B in town. Most of the battle and social stuff you can do with the D-pad.

      I’d recommend getting a grip attachment because it lets you hold the Vita further down, which means you don’t have to bend your thumbs as much to reach the sticks.

    • Get a grip. Adding a accessory such as this makes it much more comfy for longer hours and also places the hand in a much better position to press buttons.

  • Destiny Destiny Destiny.

    Everyone remember to grab the dead ghost near the Queen’s Emissary while that area is open!

    • Dude, everyone I know including myself who gets a Wii U realizes it is better than they hoped. It even controls your TV and has standby downloads for patches etc putting the PS4/Xbone down a peg.
      Not played Zombie U though, how is it?
      Get any other games?

      • It’s pretty awesome, the console came with skylanders and nintendoland, but I think they’ll stay in the wrapping for a while. I also managed to get windwaker which does look gorgeous and playing through that is going to be hilarious.

        Zombi U is pretty rad, I’ve gotten to play maybe 40 minutes. It’s definitely the most real to life zombie survival sim and the devs definitely know how to use the atmosphere to their advantage. The first 30 minutes were spent creeping around, avoiding combat and opening up possible paths to avoid hordes in the future. I’d scavenged almost everything I could carry. You start off getting a cricket bat which is a godsend in one on one encounters and never seems to take damage but I felt basically helpless when a horde arrived, but that’s more my fault than the games. I got a pistol fairly early but never got to use it in fear of drawing a much larger horde … So I ended up trying to dodge an increasing horde of zombies looking for an exit and ended up getting turned climbing under a barrier. It’s super tense all the time, due to the lack of any real background music and the forced splitscreen with the gamepad for item management, maps and building/dismantling barricades. It makes it worse because the tv switches to a third person view and there’s every chance that you’ll look back up and see a zombie an inch from your tasty, tasty butt meat. I’d say it’s worth getting because it’s like $10 – $20 and it’s a fairly decent zombie survival game, the only downfall I can see is that the game focuses more on killing the zombies than giving you the ability to crack them in the kneecaps so they fall down and you can run away

        • Sweet. If I can find it for super cheap like you mentioned I will.
          Wind Waker is fantastic. Just oozes a happy vibe so it feels fresh.
          Mario Kart 8 is the must have people claim, though I am sure you are aware of that.
          Other than that I think Bayonetta 2 is probably the next exciting title for me on the horizon. I played it for about 30 mins on my holiday to Japan (just got back) as it is out their and if you like that type of game it is very fluid and visually intense.

  • Destiny, Probably doing Crucible running around with a fusion rifle making everyone hate me, until I start lagging than I’ll start hating crucible.

  • PS3 – Finished Bioshock and couldn’t be bothered replaying for the platinum trophy. Now at level 13 in Borderlands 2 on my ‘all DLC’ playthrough with Axton. I thought I was all Borderlanded out after getting the platinum but seems it can still sink its hooks into me.

    PS3 – Thief. Still playing in fits and starts but doing some more of the optional thief objectives now and it makes the game more fun, kind of like the 100% sync requirements of Assassin’s Creed.

    PS Vita – Officially some more playthroughs of Hyperdimension Neptunia Producing Perfection (it’s a bit short and slightly meh, but still fun). Also still rubbing monster girls to get a gold trophy in Monster Monpiece, and Project Diva f 2 is still addictive after 60 hours or so and getting the platinum. I have a few extreme perfects now and some others that are at a fault rate of 1-3 notes, with most others at Excellent ratings. Some others (naming no names) I can barely complete with a standard rating πŸ˜›

    • How does Project Diva f 2 compare to the first one? I was considering importing it like I did with the original game, but now that Sega’s begun localizing the games I’ve kind of held off.

      The one thing I wasn’t really a massive fan of compared to the earlier PSP games is the swiping stuff. Have to move my hand away from the buttons too quickly and have trouble getting the timing right.

      • I like Diva f 2 very very much. Mechanically it is pretty much the same as the first one. Music-wise I think there are some strong contenders. What you might find (as I did at first) is that you can no longer do the rapid swiping in order to get fines on the star notes – you need to swipe more exactly as you would with normal button presses. This tripped me up at first, but it really forces you to get good. I don’t have any problems now, although there are a couple of songs that intermix button presses with star notes in what can only be described as a malicious way. A couple of other things with the star notes that have changed are firstly that there are double star notes which you need to double swipe (two thumbs at once) and also chained star notes which are meant to be swiped without lifting your thumb from the touchscreen (although in practice it doesn’t matter if you do or not). All in all, I have Project Diva f 2nd pretty much permanently going on one of my Vitas so I can pick it up and play a song or two at a moment’s notice. I’ve even taken to playing it on the bus home from work, which took some getting used to with the bumping and swaying πŸ™‚

  • I’ll be playing FIFA 15. Based on my time with the game last night, it’s a solid entry in the series. In terms of online, I’ve had around 4 wins, a draw, and 3 losses (some of those far from pretty). My highlight was one of the earlier matches when I was down 2-0 against a Man U player in the first-half, managed to equalise, and then ended up thrashing him in the second with a 6-2 victory. Turns out even the digital version of Man U are hopeless right now!

    • I don’t think you start seeing the Light stats on your gear until after you hit 20 so for you there’s not really anything to understand yet.

        • I’ve been floating around 15,000 since I never really spend it on anything but upgrades and whatever I spend I earn back pretty quickly with no real effort on my part. It’s worth noting that there’s a cap of 25k so if you ever get up to 20k or so you might as well just spend a couple thousand on some shaders or something.

          • Save up the blue engrams to decrpyt at a higher level! and yeah I too have hit 23 now and the grinding/re-striking/sucking at the crucible is getting pretty boring. Ergh, The Evil Within is out soon so I will probably forget about Destiny soon enough!

    • I agree, I’ve just completed the story and hit 19. I have both of the Strikes on Mars to do yet though so that’ll easily get me to Level 20. Some of Destiny’s mechanics are really poorly explained.

  • Destiny and BF4. Hoping to get to lvl 20 (lvl 14 now) but no doubt I won’t have time to get much further than about 17. Hoping to get overall K/D to 1.0 in BF4. after the mess it was for the first few months I ended up just being a tool trying to make it fun, and it left my K/D 0.5. Now that it’s somewhat enjoyable again I’ve recovered back to 0.94 and on the march to 1.0. Why do I care? I have no idea, It think I have a problem….

    • yeah I’m at 1.26 and I feel like part of me has died when it drops, just the worst. Glad someone else is still playing BF4 though! πŸ˜› Can’t wait for Hardline.

      • yep, and I’ll be a little pissed if I haven’t rubber banded back to 1.0 by the time Hardline comes out. As someone who is not a vehicle guy, I think Hardline is going to be right up my alley πŸ™‚ We could be in a minority though, of people who are actually looking forward to it…

    • Me too man. That is this weekend for me. Finish story hit level 20 and finally make my own mind up if the game is a turd or not.
      So far it is a umh.. solid feeling turd… :-S

  • I’m kind of tempted by Destiny but realistically I can’t see myself going back to it now. Haven’t touched it in over a week. It plays well but it’s so sterile and feels like it goes out of its way to make itself hard to really like.

    I’ve got Fairy Fencer F sitting here waiting for me, but my Ar noSurge CE will likely arrive Monday and that will get priority – super excited for that – so probably won’t start FFF until later. So I guess Hyrule Warriors will be my thing. Picked up a Wii U last weekend for it and haven’t been disappointed at all.

    • This and other comments like it has made me quite wary of getting into Disgaea. Is there any story or characters that makes it worth it or is it just TRPG battles with massive numbers?

      • There is a story and it’s quite charming in a cheesy, very-Japanese kind of way with some seriously kooky characters, loads of 4th wall breaking and some great tongue-in-cheek humour. You can probably blast through the story in under 20 hours by which time the gameplay will probably have you hooked.

        90% of the game is post-story content though and much of the enjoyment of the Disgaea series comes from playing with and breaking all the systems to build stupendously over-powered characters to take on stupendously over-powered optional bosses (like Pringer-X and Baal).

  • Destiny with some mates (we are sooooo different levels, due to different playing schedules and time availability) but have put some time away this weekend for us to catch up and play together.

    Also Wasteland 2, picked it up on a whim, had a quick play last night with custom characters, lost 2 by the time I made it to the 1st mission location…….think I might have chosen the wrong skills and would be better off with the pre made characters for the 1st run-through. At least until I’ve seen some more of the game and figure the workings out a bit. Seems pretty good so far……..time will tell.

    Oh and maybe some Divinty:OS if wasteland doesn’t do it for me (it somehow slipped into my pile of shame)……..sad face !!!

  • x1 Destiny (of course) and Titanfall and probably Watch Dogs

    360. Deus Ex HR – got to Montreal last night!! And Dark Souls II am dying heaps in the forest of fallen giants – so many traps like Sen’s Fortress,so much stupidity on my part, so many souls wasted

    • Mmmm, Deus Ex HR… motivates me to play the director’s cut. Already got platinum in the original edition on PS3. Such a great game!

      • Yeah if that Director’s Cut ever makes it to the Xbone I’ll bite otherwise I’m still slogging through my old 360 copy (great game but the unfair difficulty in places is off-putting at times hence why it’s taking me ages to get thru!)

  • I was hoping to be playing Defense (Defence) Grid 2 but it appears to have vanished from everyone’s minds that it was supposed to be on PS4. No sign of it at all on the PSN store.

  • Watch Dogs has some DLC that I want to play but I think it’ll be Destiny and One Piece all weekend.

  • Destiny. Maybe Infamous: first light. Probably just Destiny. Also last ditch training for the Around The Bay, and apparently there’s an AFL game tomorrow.

  • Skyrim and the Smash Bros Demo πŸ˜€
    Also bought Empire: Total War and Half Life Blue SHift with spare Steam credit but haven’t played those.

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