What Doom Would Actually Look Like If It Was Made In The 21st Century

It was just last week we saw a hypothetical video about this. Last week! Today, we have something very similar, only this time it's something you can actually play.

Doom Reborn is a giant mod that basically brings the original Doom (and Doom II) to the Doom 3 engine. So as you can see, you get the same level design and same blocky vision of a hellish Mars, only now with a fuller range of movement and some more three-dimensional bad guys.

Keep in mind this is a "Pre-Beta" build, so things could get a little rough (some of the bad guys in the clip below, for example, don't fire back).

You can download it right here.


    I think this is the 3rd time it's been posted here. The mod is awesome but surely there are other mods that deserve some spotlight.

      I checked the tags for previous articles on this mod, either they didn't tag it before or you're mistaken.


        Different mod but essentially the same headline. That's probably whats created the confusion.

      I don't remember this being posted before but I do agree it's not even that great a mod compared to other old doom mods.

    Hopefully this is how Doom 4 turns out

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