What Games Do You Play When You're Sick?

What Games Do You Play When You're Sick?

I've been sick for nearly two weeks. Bluh. But it's made me notice something: the games I play while rotting on my deathbed are really different from my normal fare. Do you game while sick? If so, what do you play when your brain's drowning in fever fog and mucus is leaking from a worrying number of orifices?

This time around I've found myself gravitating toward games that aren't exactly mindless, but don't require a rocket surgeon degree with a minor in sweet reflexology either. Crypt of the Necrodancer has been taking up frightening amounts of my time, thanks to its simple one-handed gameplay (just press arrows in time with the rhythm) mixed with satisfying strikes and impacts.

I can just zone out while playing it, be entirely reactive to what's going on in the game. It's really nice when a fever is baking my brain to the point that my most complex thought tends to be something along the lines of, "Buh. Where kleenex? Never mind. Me tired. Take nap in pool of own snot now."

Other times, though, I've gravitated toward more relaxing games like Proteus. Its painterly world is entirely non-violent, designed for brief strolls through ever-shifting nature. Trees blossom, wildlife scurries, and the tiniest hint of magic sparkles in the air. It's just nice. Also the sparse soundtrack is a nice antidote to a throbbing headache.

One time — when I was a little younger — I spent, like, 13 hours straight (with occasional naps sandwiched between) playing World of Warcraft. I just did all the most mundane, mindless stuff possible. Gathering materials, going on basic kill/collect quests, etc. No dungeons, no PVP. Again, when everything aches and your brain is off in some other dimension, stuff that's normally boring becomes kinda nice. WoW occupied me but didn't exhaust me. It struck a perfect balance.

Oh, and then there's Just Cause 2. I feel like it's sort of the ultimate sick game — at least for me personally. If I want to relax and do nothing — just soar around while listening to smooth jazz or drive $US100,000 cars off mountains or something — that's totally an option. Or I can blow up cannon fodder enemies that don't really pose any sort of threat for hours on end. All of those options are satisfying in their own ways, but none of them are particularly taxing.

Other games I've spent significant time with while sick: The Sims, Sid Meier's Pirates, Peggle (NO YOU SHUT UP), Kingdom Hearts 2 (I honestly don't remember, like, half of it), Civilisation, and Diablo (any of them).

Do you play games while sick? If so, what are your favourite sick games?

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    Zone out, dig hole.

      Agree, Minecraft is great when you're sick ^_^

      Literally just scrolled down prepared to say exactly this. It also doubles as a game after a long day of work.

      There's something really peaceful about Minecraft. Love the sounds and ambient music. Especially when it's raining and you're sitting in your makeshift house just enjoying the sound.

        Makeshift ... as in made out of Churros?

          I'd be so homeless. And full of tasty churros.

      is the new update up yet? ill update my server...

        Errrr... 'Today' magical internet time, could be tomorrow, could be later, could be sooner. Maybe I should throw mojang on the twitter follow list.

    I don't really play games when I'm sick, I watch nature documentaries.

    There's something soothing about David Attenborough's voice.

      Yeah. If I'm stuck in bed, where I no longer have a PS3 set up, I like to watch Die Hard or Jurassic Park, haha.

        YESS Die Hard and Lethal Weapon are 2 series of films you can always enjoy when you're sick :D Brainless action/comedy is always good when you're run down with the flu or some such.

          Yep. I can lie down and not look at the screen and know exactly what is going on, too. Classics.

          Die Hard is my ultimate Christmas time movie that I try and watch every year, when the ones they show on TV are so gut-wretchingly nauseating.
          Yipee Kai Ai

          Last edited 02/09/14 12:57 pm

    WoW, Minecraft, Civ, any of the games you've mentioned where there's no major pressure to play. Just tasks you can slowly work your way through and enjoy :)

    If I have a cold, I usually play something I can knock over in a single day (usually just on easy because I want to enjoy the story). I don't really have a go to game.

    I play FF8. I don't know how many times I've fallen asleep whist Drawing magic, lying sick on the floor.

    If I'm really sick and dont feel like holding a controller (even a wii remote under the covers), then I watch Aladdin, or other Disney movies.

    Smartphone games.
    Marvel Puzzle Quest, Deadman's Cross, Family Guy: Quest for stuff. I want to just be able to play from any angle while lying down

    Something turn-based so I can not pay attention without consequence.

    Sims 3 (all the CAS and CAH stuff is so soothing), Mass Effect 2 and Uncharted 2. I play these games once a year or so anyway, but there's something comforting about their familiarity.

    Usually when I'm sick I don't have the resolve to play a game, so instead I just watch Blackadder or Black Books.

      <3 Blackadder

        "The sound of hoof beats 'cross the glade
        Good folk, lock up your son and daughter
        Beware his deadly flashing blade
        Unless you want to end up shorter
        Black Adder, Black Adder, he rides a pitch black steed
        Black Adder, Black Adder, he's very bad indeed
        Black: his gloves of finest mole
        Black: his codpiece made of metal
        His heart is blacker than a hole
        His pot is blacker than his kettle
        Black Adder, Black Adder, with many a cunning plan
        Black Adder, Black Adder, you horrid little man."

          Lord Flashheart tweaked the Adder’s beard.
          From now he always shall be single.
          To fall in love with boys is weird,
          Especially boys without a dingle.
          Black Adder, Black Adder, his taste is rather odd.
          Black Adder, Black Adder, the randy little sod.
          Lord Flashheart, Lord Flashheart, I wish you were the star.
          Lord Flashheart, Lord Flashheart, you’re sexier by far

    depends how im feeling at the time. I love wow when im sick because it makes me forget about everything and i just become my character. sometimes if i just wanna completely zone out ill boot Minecraft up and dig.

    Something with a decent story component. A Final Fantasy or Chrono Trigger perhaps.

    Football Manager, can crank through the seasons when I'm ill and you can play whilst having the TV on too; bliss!

    I usually go to the childhood classics like Ocarina of Time or Harvest Moon. Otherwise any RPG's with a good story like the Mass Effect series or KOTOR so I can just zone out and enjoy the cinematics.

    Also WoW, lots of WoW.

      Yes yes to Zelda games when sick. Ocarina of time, or even a link to the past are pretty good when you're out of it!

    I play whatever I'm playing. Always fun to come back to work after a sick day and discuss the awesome day I had playing games.

    When I was sick quite a few years ago I decided to play MGS3 for the first time - I think I made myself more sick with the level of concentration I was forcing on myself but the game was so good and enthralling I didn't care. It is NOT a good sick game, but that was my best sick week ever.

    Used to love sinking hours into JRPG's when I was sick, but now that I'm a dad I'm basically not allowed to get sick.

    Old Hitman games. It's good going through levels differently and being methodical. No need to use any fast-twitch muscles - just wait, creep, plan and inject.

    I tend to play my 3DS, lots of Pokemon, Fire Emblem and eShop classics. Also maybe some Minecraft or Civ V :)

    When I'm hungover, so usually Sundays. I like to lie kinda half upside on my couch and watch anime. Its a good hangover cure for me. Any other time though I don't often watch Anime. At the moment I'm going through Shippunden.

    Team Fortress 2. Same as I play when not sick. Or asleep. Or dead.

    I've got a pretty terrible flu at the moment and spent all day playing Tropico 4. I just thought I'd jump on for the first time in about a year to see if I still liked it and to justify getting Tropico 5.... Nekminit 12am.

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