What If Seinfeld Was A Super Nintendo Game?

The video game about nothing.

I like to think that a Seinfeld video game would have been some sort of graphic adventure. The thinking man's video game. It would have been created by Lucasarts in its prime, or maybe just past its prime when they started adding voice acting and whatnot. Because a Seinfeld game would have required voice acting.

I wish I could travel to some alternate dimension where this game exists. That would be swell.

Nice work by Steven Matarazzo.


    just past its prime when they started adding voice acting


      You don't think Monkey Island 2 and Fate of Atlantis was Lucasarts prime?

        I consider their early talkie period as their prime, probably from '91 - '93 when they did MI2, FOA, DOTT, S&M all in a 3-year stretch. Past their prime for me was '95-onwards :-)

        It's an extremely minor point, though. It just makes me sad to see DOTT considered as post-prime.

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        Fate of Atlantis had voice acting didn't it?

        Also Grim Fandango was the best...

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          FOA was re-released about a year later with voices added.

          Grim Fandango was pretty amazing. As was Zak McKracken. They sort of top-and-tailed their adventure game era with their 2nd and 2nd last games being some of my favourites.

            That makes sense, I didn't play any of the Lucas Arts games until the CD versions. My first was Sam and Max when it came out and I didn't experience the earlier games until they came out on those awesome Lucas Arts bundle boxes that had like 10 games in them.

    I cannot see the instagram content at work (flying blind), but I will add my 2c that any Seinfeld game must contain a hidden Frogger port as a mandatory easter egg.

    such mini-games could include:

    * find the manuscript in jerry's bug bombed apartment
    * jerrys running race rematch
    * repaint the highway lines in the postal truck

    The twitter this is off isn't as good as Modern Seinfeld @seinfeldtoday

    This video was made by Steven Matarazzo (@Stevematarazzo on twitter, @limeibook86 on Instagram). The seinfeld account mentioned that he made it but not on Instagram. Can you give him credit?

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SUjMDcPuIas the original you tube link.

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