Why Did Nobody Tell Me There's A Suikoden Reference In Diablo III?

Why Did Nobody Tell Me There's A Suikoden Reference In Diablo III?

Kotaku, we need to talk. You all KNOW that Suikoden II is my favourite game of all time, yet in the six months since Diablo III's Reaper of Souls expansion came out, not ONE of you has told me about this incredible Luca Blight reference.

Until this past weekend, when Kotaku reader/hero Phil Caron told me about this, I had no idea that there was a fellow Suikoden II nut in Blizzard's midst. BUT:

And I do mean a Suikoden II nut:

So cool. If you're the person at Blizzard who made this happen, you are my new favourite, only to be superseded when someone at Konami stops screwing around and decides to release an HD collection of Suikoden 1-5 for PS4/Xbox One.


    That is fucking amazing. I still find Luca Blight to be one of the best villains in JRPGs.

    noone told you cos we all moved on a month after the pc release, and never looked back

    One of my first real achievements was getting all 108 stars of destiny and seeing all the endings. I never thought anything would top this. Then I played Star Ocean 2. ;)

    This is fantastic, Luca was seriously one of the best/worst villains I have encountered. I'm still hopelessly waiting for Suikoden 1 & 2 to hit the PSN as a PSone classic.

    What about sprynter of the foote clan haha

    Just going to leave this here http://www.d3andre.com/en/the-old-man-unique-88.html

    I remember when I found this game for $20 in a dusty corner of BigW all those years ago. Needless to say I snapped it up and played it to death. It is also one of my all time favs, and pretty much the only reason that I keep a PS2 floating around.

    Suikoden are such a great games, play 1 & 2 on a PSX emulator on my phone, good for killing time :)

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