Why Is Everyone Fighting In Super Smash Bros. Anyway?

Why Is Everyone Fighting In Super Smash Bros. Anyway?

Nintendo might be the master of all things cute, but they have got their dark side as well. I mean, have you ever found yourself wondering mid-Smash Bros. match: "Why are you all so mad at each other? Wouldn't you rather be relaxing on a beach together somewhere... I dunno... safe?"

In this hilarious video, Dorkly imagines what an alternate-reality Super Smash Bros. would be like if all the fighters realised the error of their ways: My favourite part is Peach's rant to Mario about how intense his lifestyle is:

Everything is so goddamn violent and extreme with you! When we play tennis, there are fireballs. And when we go go-karting, we have to do it on a rainbow in space. And when we have parties, we hire ghosts to rob each other!

Sounds like someone could use some couple's therapy. But knowing Mario, there'd probably still be fireballs involved.


    Because the master hand was forcing them..... its the entire reason you fight him at the end of the first game.... for FREEEEDDDDDOOOOOMMMM!


      The whole (implied) plot is based on the idea that they're animated figures, not the characters themselves. Doesn't explain Mario Kart though!

        because those shiny trophies make everyone go nuts for them. they must win at all costs for their shiny trophy... kinda like when club nintendo made real ones and people went spaz and now they are like $300 on ebay...

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