Would You Pay $25k For This Australian-Made Game Of Thrones 'Throne'?

Look I'm not saying this Game of Thrones 'throne' is terrible. I'm honestly not. By most standards it's pretty cool. But this NSW resident has chucked this piece of moulded scrap metal on Gumtree and is asking for $25,000 Australian dollars for this thing.


Like I get it. This throne must have taken a helluva lot time to make. Every single piece of it was moulded out of scrap metal, including the swords themselves. That's most likely a helluva lot of man hours, so I have a fair amount of respect for the time that went into creating this.

That doesn't mean I think the creator can convince someone to pay $25,000 for it.

If I'm going to be paying $25k for a Game of Thrones 'throne' it had better be absolutely perfect. It had better be massive. It had better look exactly like the one that little bastard Joffrey plunks his arse on. It can't be something like this.

Am I being crazy here? Am I missing something?

If you are interested head to this Gumtree listing.


    It looks half finished, if it was completed it might actually look more like the one in the show

      I think in the second picture it actually is half finished. The first and second pictures don't have the sides. Although that may be showing off that the sides are removable for transport.

    There are so few things I would spend $25k on. The world's least comfortable chair is not one of them.

    Hmm. If I can't own a single sword as a collector, does that mean I can't own this chair?

      I think you might struggle to use this chair as a weapon...

    I would prefer the one made out of chocolate in the window of this shop on king st in Sydney. It's small but overall more satisfying.

    If I'd be spending that much cash on a chair, I'd rather buy the emperor gaming chair:
    Costs less and is just as awesome! And probably comfier too.

    Just spend another 5k and buy from HBO http://store.hbo.com/game-of-thrones-life-size-replica-iron-throne/detail.php?p=373634

      Man, I cannot believe that's even a thing. I wonder if anyone (not like, a company or anything) has bought one.

      I dunno, that one is fibreglass, so you'de have to weigh up the pros and cons...

    Must be a misprint $250 maybe. But $25K? I'd get it if it was an art piece, but this is a dodgy knock off of an existing piece at that. Even the Chinese do better copies of stuff.

    Fair play to the time and effort put in, but I'm just wondering (I really don't know the answer), but would this encroach on copyright laws or whatever Game of Thrones is covered by? Squaresoft shut every man and his dog down that tries to make money selling Final Fantasy based stuff so I don't know how kindly HBO or George Martin would take to a guy trying to make $25k from their tv show. Having said that, people do sculptures of Aliens and Predators and what have you, but again I don't know if they need to get a licence to use the imagery or not

      They usually only pursue stuff when they are planning to make money from selling it or the backlash wouldn't be too bad. This crappy one off thing wouldn't bother them. I can't see it selling either.

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