Wrestling Isn’t Quite Cool Yet, But WWE 2k15 Might Be

Wrestling Isn’t Quite Cool Yet, But WWE 2k15 Might Be
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Is wrestling cool again? I’m going to say not yet, but it’s kinda close. I’ve always believed that wrestling games are subject to a weird dynamic. We only think wrestling games are ‘good’ when wrestling itself is seen as being ‘cool’. Therefore, as good as WWE 2k15 looks — and it looks really good — we might not be ready to love it quite yet.

Personally I think 2K has done a pretty good job in steering the good ship WWE since taking over the license. Their only real mistake with this trailer is using a Kid Rock song as the soundtrack.

Seriously? I know you want us to think it’s 1999, given that it was smack dab in the middle of the Attitude era — the most profitable era in wrestling history — but damn… you don’t need to subject us to terrible music from that time period.

Kid Rock? Really?


  • I miss the Attitude era. I also remember the wrestling games from that time as well with wooden animation and terrible collision detection. Those were awesome days 😀

  • I’m hoping that 2K really takes the WWE licence and runs with it.

    THQ had been dialling it in for years and I think pro-wrasslin is one of those “sports” that has the ability to translate into a wonderful video game.

    It’s got everything you want in a game, over the top combat, different and interesting scenarios, multiplayer all day, obvious customisation options…. There’s no reason this series can’t get people truly excited the way it did back in the PS1/ N64 days.

  • Are you shitting me about the music? That was AWESOME. Bombastic, kickass and everything, exactly what the game needs. Also, most of those wrestlers are FROM that era, their main heyday was the mid to late 90s/very early 2000s. Sting, Undertaker etc, may still be around but their peak popularity was in that time period. Steve Austin, shit yeah. Hopefully it’ll have Goldberg in it (not holding my breath on that).

  • The ’80s will always be where it’s at for the classic showy spectacle.
    I saw Hulk Hogan in 2011 in person;, he was more impressive and striking than he is on the screen.
    I’m definitely not a fan of wrestling games though.

  • I thought the games were improving up until they hit the very first Smackdown Vs Raw game where they started making making it more “real” with crap like having your wrestlers get tired which made winning a royal rumble from entrant 1 really difficult (even though you were dominating, if you were tired and were thrown over the rope you would instantly go out) where as up to that point they were adding new and fun features like limb based damage.

  • I’ve watched this a couple of times since it’s reveal earlier this week, and I’m still confused as all hell as to why the character models look flawless and “next-gen” in the entrances, and seriously downgraded in the gameplay sections of the footage.. Are they showing footage from 2 different versions of the game? Are the entrances pre-rendered videos? Something don’t seem right here bruh..

    • The entrances are mocapped from this year for the most part, and you’re essentially watching an in-game cutscene in these situations. It’s much easier to make a cutscene look good, as opposed to gameplay that has to deal with quite a few variables (moving camera, clipping, slopped objects, collision detection, dynamic lighting, etc.).

      Granted, I’m certainly not defending how wooden it looks. Yukes have been phoning it in for a long time now. It probably doesn’t help that they’re still using some wrestling moves from the Smackdown vs Raw games, which is just plain lazy.

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