Xbox One With Destiny And Forza 5 On Sale For $498 At Dick Smith

Destiny seems to be driving sales of the new consoles. Just anecdotally I've had a number of friends asking me which console they should buy, and which deals are good when it comes to either the PS4 or the Xbox One. This new one at Dick Smith isn't half bad...

You get Destiny and Forza 5 (still one of the best Xbox One exclusives) for $498.

It looks as though it comes with free delivery as well, depending on where you are. If you've been waiting for an excuse to pick up a new console, this might be the deal you've been waiting for.


    I think I need Quantum Break before I jump on this particular bandwagon.

    Remedy fanboy 4 lyf.

    Destiny seems like a game everyone got punked into buying but no one wants to admit they spent $500 on a dud.

      I got punked into buying it yes, but a dud it is not. Over-priced hype but not a bad game by today's standards.

        I tend to agree, it's not "OMG, this changes everything!" but I enjoy it and when my friends catch up I think it will be more fun.

      I guess you are one of those people who just follow what everyone else is saying.
      The game is actually fun + you are not spending $500 just for Destiny

    For $50 more you also get Forza Horizon 2 and AC4 from JB.

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      To be fair that deal comes out when Forza Horizon 2 comes out but yes that is the best deal going IMO.

      This is it for now. Might have to wait next week for it to be on JB's site

    Literally just picked up a PS4, Destiny, The Last of Us Remastered and Wolfenstien at EB for $550.

      Nice, I've heard Wolfenstein is really good so I might wanna pick it up myself.

        It is fantastic, already finished it on PC (a shorty PC with the settings turned down so the PS4 looks much better) and it is definitely worth at least 2 play throughs

    Just bought an xbox one with destiny and trials fusion for the same price like 2 days ago at target. Would have preferred forza but if I had gotten it from somewhere else I would not have been able to use my staff discount card so saved more money.

    Anyone else starting to think Dick Smith is paying for advertising on here...

      They had some advertorial (read: advertising - just because marketers use a word, doesn't mean it's a thing) on here last month about ps4 prices. At least that was marked as such at the top of the article.

      I am not suggesting there is anything untoward going on but it seems kind of murky is all.

    Go Dick Go!!

    Seriously, I've had all the big games delivered day one to my door all for under $65 delivered each due to Dick. Easily my go to store for games now.

    I think this was forgetten to be marked as advertorial and comments disabled... :P

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