Yes, Even Duke Nukem Is Art

Yes, Even Duke Nukem Is Art

In this case quite literally, as artist Aram Bartholl explores in his exhibition called Hurt Me Plenty, which uses games like Duke Nukem 3D and Doom (the name, and the work above, are derived from that game's difficulty settings) as a case study in perspective and immersion.

In this clip, Bartholl takes you on a tour of the exhibition (which is running in Berlin until November 1), explaining the process behind it and showing you how some of the more involved stuff - like a section where you can destroy hard drives - works.

A First-Person Tour of Aram Bartholl's First-Person Shooter Art Exhibition [Make]


    "Art" ok then when did taking other peoples work and printing it out become art?

    Last edited 01/10/14 8:43 am's_Soup_Cans

        still not art

          Define "art".


              Although I was asking for your definition of art, I have taken your advice and reviewed the various classical definitions of art as well as the relevant wikipedia article on art which, to quote it directly "focuses primarily on the visual arts, which includes the creation of images or objects in fields including painting, sculpture, printmaking, photography, and other visual media" and learned a great deal.

              I formed the opinion that irrespective of the artistic value or purpose of the subject, it does not fall outside the scope of what could be considered art.

              Unfortunately wikipedia was not as informative on the subject of "not art", so I am still at a loss as to how you've drawn your conclusions.

      My two cents is that it isn't a question of whether it is or is not 'art' but whether it is indeed 'good' art, and that my friends is purely subjective.

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