How To Preview Your Outfits Before Buying Them In Destiny

How To Preview Your Outfits Before Buying Them In Destiny

You know what's really annoying? The fact that you can't preview a Shader (the item that changes your Guardian's outfit colour scheme) in Destiny.

Those things are expensive! Can't just be buying them all willy nilly. Fortunately we have Destiny Tracker, a website that lets you preview your own character in every known Shader.

That's my Warlock above there, sporting a sky-blue Arctic Proxy. Now you don't have to shop blind! What a world we live in, the Internet, where everything is possible.

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    Doesn't seem to work for me unfortunately (sibalicious)

    Edit: Yes it does. It loaded the second time.

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    Rocking Jester Apogee myself. Purple/Gold has always been my thing ever since Halo 3. Will want to look at Babylon 9191 though - Jester Apogee is more gold with purple accents. The chart makes it seem Babylon 9191 is flipped.

    Where's my pink and cyan? I've been using that combo since Halo 3.

    I want to rock stupid colours, not look cool.

    I want August Seraph. Love me some bright yellow.

    I thought the thumbnail was a frilly ball gown. That I'd love to see

    I wish i could preview the looks of gear? Maybe you can and i just haven't figured it out?

      When hovering over gear that your class can use (both from vendors or from your own inventory), I believe you can press the Y button to look at how it'll look on your character. It won't give you a full body view (rather, you get a zoomed in look at the limb the item will attach to), but it's better than nothing.

    Im starting to feel like the category police on Kotaku... why do so many game articles default to the PC category, when clearly it isn't a PC game? I realise this is an article about a website tool, but for a game not available on the pc :(

    It just really bugs me that PCs are the last to get some of the biggest games - ie GTA5 and Destiny - and it feels like you are (unintentionally) rubbing it in....

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