You Really CAN Sleep With Anything In The Sims

You Really CAN Sleep With Anything In The Sims

Briefly: It's like some anti-gay douchebag's nightmare vision of what same-sex marriage will unleash upon our world. And people ask me why I love The Sims 4...

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    It's a slippery slope. Next we'll be allowing people to marry washing machines!

      Pfft, you can't have sex with that.

      .... or can you?

      Now, now. Don't discriminate against washing machines. They have feelings, too. Are you saying you HAVE problem with people marrying washing machines? That's very washing-machine-phobic, man.

        Not at all, I just believe in traditional hand washing. You have every right to like washing machines, I just don't want you to flaunt your spin cycle in my face.

    I prefer the humor of the game - and stuff like this makes me laugh way too hard!

    What a baseless article, if you're going to be so insulting and rude, at least have the courtesy to write more than a sentence.

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