Your Dragon Age: Inquisition Characters Can Look So Pretty

Your Dragon Age: Inquisition Characters Can Look So Pretty

In a stream broadcast live via Twitch earlier today, the makers of Dragon Age: Inquisition showed off the game's character customisation, a system so in-depth there's an eyelash selector.

I'm generally surprised when a game has a selection of pre-painted makeups to place on my character's face. Inquisition has multiple levels for the eyes alone — eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara. Want longer lashes? L'Oreal is not needed, unless that's your character's name. Sounds like an elf to me.

There's no elf customisation in the video below, just human male and Qunari female, but what a human and Qunari they are.

Your Dragon Age: Inquisition Characters Can Look So Pretty

Check out that epic moustache. Add some facial tattoos (colorable) and some makeup and you've got a party. Well, the beginning of a party.

Your Dragon Age: Inquisition Characters Can Look So Pretty

This Qunari female is simply gorgeous. BioWare opted to give her horns, though there are styles that are hornless. Then they went for the eyes (boo), showing off that eyelash style slider and the ability to colour both the inner and outer iris.

Check out the stream archive below to see the system in action, and then stay for some fresh gameplay from the game, due out November 18.

Watch live video from BioWare on Twitch


    I feel like I'm the only person who was annoyed that they added in horns for the Qunari.

      ...they've always had horns.

      Nope.... Was a major thing for me. Turned them into beasts.... Was Sten just some freak then?

      And then Flemeth turned into Magneto....

      I could rail against DA2 for years.... Inquisition is still looking to button mashy for me.

        Sten actually is a freak, but a good freak. It's considered something special to be born without horns and so Sten had an easier time through his career. As for the Qunari you fought, it was retconned into them cutting off their own horns to betray their people or something.

        Sad thing is, they added in those horns for dumb dudebros. Some people can only accept the idea of another race if they look visually different. Everyone else is human and humans only have one race in fantasy.

        But the Qunari were already different. They were naturally taller, broader, their skulls seemed to be based on Cro-Magnon, their skin slightly darker, their hair were usually bright, etc. They were already a different race, but some people couldn't tell so they were made larger, with horns and covered in tattoos. So as not to confuse anyone.

        (and despite those problems, I actually found the writing, characters, fighting and leveling system to be a huge improvement over DA1)

    Well given that glorious stache, I now know I must make my Inquisitor as close to Merv Hughes as humanly possible.

      You are WAY too excited about the 'stache, Drunkis.

        I live vicariously though people with glorious 'staches due to the inability to grow my own, you should know this by now surely.

          I've never seen you! You're a horrible friend. T_T


        Dragon Age Inquisition: Handlebar Edition. Just need some Cricket gear modded in now.

      as close to Merv Hughes as humanly possible ... THAT'S UNHUMAN!!

      Also, 30 cans of VB and a few kebabs looks like it could help... :)

    Perhaps it's me, but I find this level of detail off-putting. Do I care what nose tip angle my char has? Certainly not.

    I love customisation, but I feel this is too overwhelming and when presented with all these options I tend to rush my decision. Not that I resent my rushed choice as I spend 90% of the game with the chars back to me and only really notice the face during cutscenes or dialogue.

      Can't see how the level of customizing would be off putting. It can be as in depth or not as you like. I personally will gladly spend 30 mins making my character look just how I like, if the tools allow it. So definitely glad they have this level of customization.

        Yeah but I feel compelled to adjust every slide bar and color palette simply because its there. I know I don't have to, so I guess the frustration is moreso directed at my own OCD than any game mechanic. Hmmmm... touché sir, you've shone a light on my own dark side.

    Yessssss. Love me a good character customiser. I kind of wish they'd release these as seperate tools/games to play with.

    I’m generally surprised when a game has a selection of pre-painted makeups to place on my character’s face.I'm the opposite. It's always surprising when there isn't a makeup option seeing as most games have at least some basic option.

    I've recently started becoming a fan of highly customisable character creators so this fancies my tickle...

      Give us a spray can and let us draw on the "make-Up" ourselves

        That would be great.

        Good that it's mostly single player though - I can just imagine all the characters running around with gentlemen-ly features on their face.

    I can never get my characters looking good in these games with crazy levels of customisation. So I go in the other direction and try to make them as munted as possible. Bioware lets you make some truly ugly ass characters.

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