Yup, That’s Bayonetta In A Star Fox Costume

Yup, That’s Bayonetta In A Star Fox Costume

There was a Nintendo Direct earlier today, and it was all about Bayonetta 2. Those not dying for the game wouldn’t have found too much of interest, except for maybe this weird bit of in-game cosplay.

While we already knew Bayonetta would have Peach and Samus costumes, this Fox McCloud outfit is new.

If you want to watch the whole thing, which runs for around half an hour and goes into excruciating detail on the game, it’s at the bottom of this post. Right below is the shorter version: a 4-minute trailer that, awesomely, is entirely made up of in-game footage.


    • It is hype. Thank goodness for Kotaku, then, where almost every Nintendo related article is relentlessly negative towards everything nintendo does.

  • kinda bs that this is Nintendo only… did the creators of the game not want to sell many copies of the game or something.

    • Nobody else was interested. Nintendo were the only ones to step up and say “sure, we’ll publish it.”

        • I liked the first one, but the PS3 version was a bad port. I’m really looking forward to the WiiU version to not only taste the sequel, but to experience the first game all over again.

    • Nah, they just wanted to sell the bloddy game. Nintendo was the only company who thought that was a good idea. So it’s thanks to Nintendo we actually see this game happening at all.

    • did the creators of the game not want to sell many copies of the game or something.

      Publisher: Nintendo funds the game development.

      Developer: Platinum develops the game with the funding from the publisher (Nintendo)

      Nintendo then has to recover the cost of the development through sales of the game, Platinum does not care because they have already made there money through the funding that Nintendo put forward and will not see any money from the sale of the game, unless it is stated in the contract that if they sell X amount of copy’s of the game Platinum will receive some additional royalty’s.

      • Nintendo then has to recover the cost of the development through sales of the game

        so in other words they wont recoup the costs and the franchise dies here haha

        • Yes it is highly probable that they will not make there money back which is unfortunate.

          The fact that you clearly want this game on other platforms and seem to be happy that it may die under Nintendo because of poor sales really shows how mature you are, grow up.

  • This is how exclusives should be, not “pay x dollars to make sure a multi-platform title misses out on some content for y amount of days”.

  • Still think Bayonetta will appear in the next Wii U Smash Bros game.
    The bonus costumes are interesting, more so because they aren’t separate DLC.

  • As someone who has no experience with the series, should I pick it up? Nfi what is happening in trailers.

    • Yeah, got the first one after a colleague recommended it. A lot of fun. If you have enough cash to risk it , good chance you’ll like it.

        • I’ve heard a few people say Bayonetta 1 is one of the best action fighting games ever released.

          Personally, before it came out I had very little interesting in it because all the marketing seemed to focus on T&A which to me normally indicates a bad product (plus I don’t think she’s sexy.) I had no games to play and noticed the demo was out. I played it through then went straight onto the internet and ordered the full game. I’m considering getting a Wii-u Almost for this game alone.

          Might want to check if the demo is still available on xbox live or PS store if you have either of those. Should give you a good indication of what to expect.

        • One of my favourite games of all time.
          It’s insane and fun action; the first game had tubas that shot lasers.

    • If you ever enjoyed the earlier Devil May Cry games, or Viewtiful Joe, this is right up your alley. Super fast, super fluid open ended combat. Ridiculous and over the top because Reasons.

      Can’t wait for this, personally.

      • Never played DMC but I really enjoyed Viewtiful Joe when it came out on the cube many years ago. I think I will pick this up!

  • From the look of it, is this game like Devil May Cry before they nerfed it for the tweens? If so, I’m annoyed that I ignored the first one, and I’m probably going to get this one

  • Anyone understand Morse code? the Producer looked like she was trying to signal for help via blinks. The fact that she mysteriously disappears after a little bit didn’t help. They must have noticed their brainwashing was slipping.

    Also, I lost it when they said the RRP is $59.99 but if you get them on the eshop you get a special discount of $0.01!

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