10 Things You Might Not Know About Destiny

I've played way too many hours of Destiny, and I still hadn't pieced together a lot of the intricacies of both its story and gameplay.

TerraMantis does a good job of highlighting some really fascinating lore and theories on the lore, as well as pointing to some easter eggs and functional secrets. Here's a general rundown of what's in the video:

10. The building that looks like a Spartan head

9. Hive Wizards are female

8. Your Ghost can open (non-mission) doors

7. You can watch your ship get stored in the Tower

6. There's a script on the floor of the Tower

5. A Destiny logo can be found in a footprint in one of the game's trailers

4. Destiny's raid boss, Atheon, could potentially be a good guy (and an atheist)

3. The Warlock's Axiom Seekers can (sort of) be tricked

2. If you headshot the Fallen, you can see their souls escape from their bodies

1. There are quite a few Dark Souls references in the game

Be sure to watch for the full explanations.


    I cant view vid at work so thanks for listing but can you explain number 4 more.

    Also, someone on bungie forum other day listed a very interesting topic about how in actuality the Guardians are the bad guys of the Destiny universe.....interesting theory.

      Haven't done the VoG myself, but from what I've been hearing... it's due to time-travel. I *think* Rasputin plays a role in it somehow.


      There's someone else on the sub-reddit that has pieced together alot of the different grimoire cards. Some that has information that *kinda* reinforces this theory, some that don't. Here's the link.


      Last edited 29/10/14 11:21 am

        woooooow. just read through both of those links and there is some interesting info in there. some really cool theories that if they turn out correct would be awesome. thanks for the links bro. top stuff!

        also, no thanks for the links cos i just wanna go play destiny now but stuck at work until 6. dang.

          No worries dude! Yeah, there's some crazy stuff man. Aye, Bungie may have screwed up earlier this year with trashing some of the narrative, but (lol) if those theories are the direction that they are going in, then they can redeem themselves with it immensely.

          A couple of different areas on earth that I didn't know about: There's a zone called the Grottos which is filled with Level 20's, some fallen but mainly Hive. You get there through The Forgotten Shores. There's a hive tunnel there which links straight into The Devil's lair (First phase of the dungeon). Had no idea about that 'till recently.

          And then someone said this: "There is a room on Earth, near where the grounded ships are, called 'Bunker Ras-2'. I think it may be the entrance to a future DLC/Raid. The name suggests it may have something to do with Rasputin. So whatever the truth is, I think we'll find out more there."

          Has level 20 Knights in there *I believe*. This is in The Forgotten Shores too. Hahha so many leads...

      Apparently the word "Atheon" is based on the Greek word "Atheos", which means "godless" (so an atheist).
      The video goes on to explain how the Vex aren't all connected, and how they worship the Darkness as a god, so implies that if Atheon did turn away from the Darkness (based upon the connections with his name), then he may have been a good guy.

        ah right. ok, thanks very much kind sir.

        ...A good guy trapped in an infinite time-loop of being repeatedly murdered by Guardians as some kind of loot pinata.

          Interestingly similar to prometheus in that he was chained to a rock and repeatedly had his liver torn out and eaten by a vulture or something, only to have it regrow overnight and eaten again the next day- ...ALLYOUSEPLAYERSARETHEVULTURE!!!...

      Vex are first thought to be a hive mind, and in the Black Garden they're worshiping the Heart - but the Grimoire mentions that there can be different vex with different qualities.
      The word Atheon is related to/comes from Atheist, alluding to not worshiping like all the other Vex, therefore may not be a Vex enemy.

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