10 Video Game Vehicles With A Cartoony Redesign

10 Video Game Vehicles With A Cartoony Redesign

I could totally watch a special episode of Wacky Races with artist Ido Yehimovitz's re-imagined video game cars leading the way. Trevor with his ute could easily replace Dick Dastardly, but not even he could stop Axel's taxi from Crazy Taxi. I guess the titular tank from the Metal Slug series is already cartoony in the games, but nevertheless these illustrated versions all look fantastic.

Mario's Go-Kart

Half-Life 2's Buggy

The Red Eagle from Carmageddon

Metal Slug

The Slicecycle from Dead Rising 2

The Light Cycle from TRON

Sweet Tooth's Ice Cream Truck from the Twisted Metal games

The Warthog from Halo

Trevor's GTA V pickup

Axel's taxi from Crazy Taxi

10 Iconic Video Game Vehicles Illustrated by Ido Yehimovitz [Highsnobiety, via XombieDIRGE Tumblr]


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