10/6/2014: What If There Were Guns In Zelda?

10/6/2014: What If There Were Guns In Zelda?

Well, first, everyone would be very confused.

Second, it's weekly roundup time, so head over to Kotaku Selects to catch up on this week's best stuff.

Third, finish Fanboys-Online's comic here:

10/6/2014: What If There Were Guns In Zelda?

Fourth: have a good weekend!

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    At first I though it said "What if Gandalf had a gun?" I was so confused.

    Found this though http://www.hi-wallpapers.com/uploads/image/201301/28/1359316183.jpg


      That's actually a pretty good shop job

    I love Fanboys Online. When he bothers to update. Especially right after he decided to give a shit about his art and writing. Before that his comic was so generic.

    Ganon with a gun, hmmm, storywise, you would have to arm the gerudo tribe (which ganon is tribal leader of) with sophisticated weaponry that can be enhanced with magic, that he can conquer hyrule with magitek guns because of inadequete defenses & weapons to match them would mean that it would be a blitzkreig of hyrule, which could end in a couple of days, providedly he destroyed the dungeons so that link can not match him weapon wise, thus making ganon the winner in that war, provided that zelda doesn't call for help from a certain bounty hunter, who is an expert in the use of guns. So to give ganon a gun would mean certain death for people who would underestimate him

      The Link uses the Ocarina to go back in time and slit his throat (or give firearms technology to somebody else.)

      Time travel is a hard advantage to trump...

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