20 Hours Of Old School Dungeon Crawling Await In Legend Of Grimrock 2

20 Hours Of Old School Dungeon Crawling Await In Legend Of Grimrock 2
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Legend of Grimrock 2 on its way? No, it’s available right now, which is even better! Though you don’t have to grab it straight away. Actually, it might be wise to run the provide compatibility test and read up on what the game has to offer first.

Leading up to the release, developer Almost Human published a “Compatibility Test” — essentially a cut down version of the game featuring the engine and a single scene, so players can make sure their system is capable of running Grimrock 2… and at an acceptable frame rate.

It’s only 50MB and worth grabbing if you’re unsure if your rig is up to the task.

Secondly, to prepare players for the game itself, there’s a class and race overview, which looks at additions like insectoids, ratlings, alchemists and knights in more detail. It also talks about the improved class flexibility, where being a fighter doesn’t pigeon-hole a character into an existence bereft of magic.

Of course, you can skip past all of this and grab Grimrock II from Steam, GOG or the Humble Store for $US21.59, 10 per cent off its normal price of $US23.99.

Legend of Grimrock 2 [Almost Human]


  • It is really fantastic! Really enjoying it so far. It might be easy for some, so utilise some of the difficulty features if you want a hardcore challenge. Puzzles can be a bit too easy for some, I thought they were just right. I am like 5 hours or so into it. It really has expanded upon the first game which I loved! Highly recommended.

  • Grabbed this earlier this week. Thoroughly enjoyed the first one, thought I’d give 2 a shot. Was delightfully surprised. It’s a lot less linear than the original which makes exploring a blast. Lots of classes/races/skills/traits. Reminds me a lot of M&MX. Highly recommend for anyone looking for a great dungeon crawling experience with lots of puzzles and secrets to find.

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