343 Industries Has New Halo-Related Project In The Works

It might not be an FPS, but 343 Industries just announced it has something Halo-related in the works. IGN reports the studio is planning to release a new twin-stick shooter called Halo: Spartan Strike in December.

It's a follow up to last year's Spartan Assault, and is only confirmed for Steam and Windows platforms.

via Polygon


    *eyenarrows* Dammit 343, quit with these diversions and get back to the business of fulfilling my fanship dreams of Mastah Cheef & Cortana 4eva.

    Er.... although maybe not before next April. I need to save up for an xbone first.

    Of course they are. They were specifically created to milk the franchise until it's an empty husk of its former self.

      Well I enjoyed halo 4's campaign more than anything since 1, so keep milking I guess?

      And given what Bungie has done with destiny, in glad it's 343 and not them

      Also this isn't a diversion, that's not how companies work, they didn't stop production on halo 5 for this

      At least you can make a clear delineation between "Bungie's Halo" and "343's Halo" :P

      Although I thought 4 was alright.

    Please bring out an RTS 343i :c

      agreed, I loved halo wars....just wished i played it more.

      But, they have no experience with RTS games (and Spartan Assault doesn't come close to counting as).

        Unfortunately the truth... Halo Wars was probably their(Bungies, ex-employees by extension) closest RTS, it just... It was wrong as there was no PC involved.

        Ahhhhhh the tears I cry.

    I'm game. I thought Spartan Assault was real good. Surprised this isn't hitting Xbox One, but Ill be buying if its as good as the first.

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