35-Year-Old Screws Up His Neck By Playing With His Phone In Bed

35-Year-Old Man Screws Up His Neck by Playing With His Phone in Bed

Swiping, checking your phone and playing games in bed seem like a good idea. That is until you hear about the middle-aged man who's now got the neck of a 70-year-old.

Taiwanese media, and Chinese media, report that a 35-year-old man in Taichung, Taiwan is now suffering from neck problems after spending about three hours a night playing on his phone before going to bed.

Doctors say the man's problem comes from long periods of staring at his phone with his head looking down, and from long periods of time with his head on a pillow looking at his phone. Both positions are supposedly bad because they have the head in an unnatural pose.

About two months ago, the 35-year-old engineer started to complain about loss of feeling in his arms and neck pain. After visiting the doctors, he was told that he has bone spurs on his neck bone. Not only that, but the vertebrae have also deteriorated. Doctors say that the man now has the neck bones of a 70-year-old.

Doctors interviewed by Taiwanese media all say this kind of injury is common for people who hold their heads in unusual positions for long periods of time. Supposedly neck problems have grown amongst the younger population in Taiwan over the last five years.

One doctor says that there are exercises that one can do to help alleviate stress on the neck. One of the exercises looks like something Quagmire does — guess he's got a very strong neck.

35-Year-Old Man Screws Up His Neck by Playing With His Phone in Bed

中天新聞》35歲低頭族 頸椎退化成70歲老人[CTNews via Youtube] 35岁男子长期躺着玩手机 颈椎退化如70岁 [QQ News] Quagmire Gif [Giphy]


    No different to the scores of young people who have hearing loss form ipods. My brother hires for a big mining company. A lot of people 18-30 are rejected due to poor hearing. They call them Generation Deaf.

      It was no different in the 80s, everyone was blasting walkmans and putting giant subs in their cars. The iPods max volume is a lot lower than the old walkmans and discmans were.
      We had a massive increase in frequency deafness amongst 20-30 year olds by the end of the 90s.

    As a 34 year old, I'd just like to say that 35 isn't middle aged!

      It is middle aged, most people can only expect to live into their late sixties/seventies, so sorry Red, but you have hit middle age.
      If you are lucky you might live longer, but you are most likely in your middle years right now.

      Last edited 28/10/14 9:06 am

        The life expectancy for an average Australian male is about 79, and 84 for women, just FYI. (I've been working with a medical statistician for the last week, bahhh.)

      As a 30 year old with a family history of cancer, it probably is for me lol.

    Yeah, I try not to spend so much time looking right down at my phone on my short PT trips (I at least try to raise it up a bit!) because it contributes to my already existing neck pain.

    I've got a bent neck from poor posture. Part of that would have been from video games.

    Would have thought reading a book would put you in a similar position

    I've long been a proponent of the Henry Rollins' Neck-cercise fitness tapes.

    "Because fitness starts from the neck down."

    Im sure I read a report similar to this when the Gameboy came out...

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