A Guide To Playing (And Beating) Smash Bros’ Little Mac

So you want to play as Little Mac. Or, lets be real, you want to learn how to best deal with Little Mac, a highly popular character in Smash Bros. You’ve come to the right place.

Little Mac is rather infamous right now, as he is a powerful character that many people like to play judging from the poll we recently conducted. While Little Mac is easy to pick up, it’s harder to get a grasp of some of his nuances — and a little harder to grok how to deal with him.

Luckily, Zangoosinite has developed a rather in-depth guide to Little Mac, which you should definitely watch if you have thirteen minutes to spare. During that time, he covers:

  • What strengths Little Mac has (such as the second fastest dash, a really good roll, lots of power armour, and he packs a punch).
  • A breakdown of all his moves, how they work, and how players would use them.
  • An explanation of why Little Mac is shit in the air, and what to do to mitigate that weakness.
  • Some bread-and-butter “combos” and ways to fill your KO meter
  • What moves to look out for, in terms of damage output and knockback — and what their sweetspots are.
  • What sorts of maneuvers are risky for Little Mac to pull.
  • How Little Mac can get away with incurring little damage.
  • The ins-and-outs of your KO punch — when it is deadly, how it goes through shields, and so on.
  • A breakdown of Little Mac’s weaknesses (platforms, THE AIR, and specific moves by characters that tend to wreck Little Mac).

All useful info! And while
Zangoosinite spends the least amount of time on how to actually deal with Little Mac, it’s worth remembering that the biggest tool in your arsenal is knowledge — and it’s easier to fight back when you know exactly what your opponent is capable of and how.

With this in mind, I’m hoping that we move into a place where Little Mac stops being controversial, because everyone knows how to deal with him.

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