A Time When Fanboys Were Innocent, And Sega Was King

A Time When Fanboys Were Innocent, And Sega Was King

Before there were YouTube channels about kids who were Sega fans, and a generation of people who equated being "fans" with being loud, angry and combative, there was a humbler, more private form of fanboy expression: home video.

If you were with us last year, you might remember Tyler, who throughout the 90s had the best run of Christmas mornings a Sega fan could ask for. Well, it turns out that Tyler's dad didn't just hook him up with Sega consoles and games, he even made this "TV show" with Tyler in an attempt to get the rest of their family to ditch their NES and buy a Genesis.

I wish all fanboys could be this adorable and innocent. And I'm talking about Tyler's Dad here. The show starts at around 1:04.


    Bookmarked, but I can already feel the warm and fuzzies :)

    Yep I cried at the end...

    I miss my dad too

      Me too. I lost mine when I was 12.

        me too but i don't miss him I was "disowned" by my father for saying the word "shit" on facebook - aged 26. not even kidding.

    hahaha epic , listen to that epic 3 dimensional sound and stereo colour lol how awesome

    Every magazine had mario killing sonic or vice versa in some weird Itchy and Scratchy kind of way.

    Oh no, fanboi-ism was alive and well back then. there was the sega v nintendo war, the PC V Amiga War, the IBM v Apple wars

      I had an Amstrad back in the day. Always argued how it was better than my mates Amiga

    I remember when I was a kid my cousin and I were waiting for his mom to come home because she promised she'll get him a Playstation. When she returned, she had a Sega because the Playstation was sold out. She got him that Looney Tunes game, we played it for one day and never spoke of it ever again.

    On a related note, if you're like me and you're not really sure where Sega fits in all the videogaming history, you should probably check out the book Console Wars by Blake Harris, it's really informative and enjoyable to read. It's going to have a movie soon to in the vein of The Social Network. I learned a lot about Sega, Nintendo, Sony and a whole lot more with that book, I recommend it.

    Sonic and Mario are what started the wars :P Awesome and touching video, I wish my dad was that cool.

    Yeah this video hit me right in the feels.
    My daughter is 4 now and I'm getting her into video games. We are getting there. I have several videos of her playing them. We just played Raving Rabbids on the weekend where she got to control the steering in the game with her bum using the Wii balance board (for leaning). She loved it!

    I also have a video of when she was about 12 months where she had pulled out a large pile of old games and was playing with them and making a big mess of cartridges. (Discs would never have survived that!)

    Yeah it was sad to hear that his father had passed away of course. It kind of hit home for me because I have some health issues that may prevent me from being around in 20 or so years (really, no one is guaranteed to be around in 20 years though I suppose)

    A great video and it was a great time to be in gaming back then (I was about 13-14 then)

    GENESIS!!!! Oh, I mean MEGA DRIVE!!!!

    sigh i cant wait to watch this.... i am at work right now haha :) the ones last year were a little sad because i remember them being something of a memorial to his late father.

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