Alien: Isolation Competition -- A Quick Reminder!

Just wanted to give you all a reminder that we're running an Alien: Isolation competition until Wednesday next week. We've already had some amazing entries.

We're giving away five copies of the Nostromo Edition of Alien Isolation and five copies of the DVD, and all you need to do to enter is create an Alien-style distress video. You know the kind I'm talking about! "ARGH I'M STUCK ON SOME RANDOM SHIP! HELP ME! WE'RE ALL DEAD". You know the drill!

Myself and Kotaku publisher Danny Allen made a couple of examples just for fun and japes. Typically, we took things a little too far and hired a smoke machine. Danny's air conditioning has never been the same since.

Head to the official comp post here and drop your own videos into the comment section of the post. As I mentioned yesterday, we're really looking for creativity with this one, so don't worry if your production values aren't up to snuff. Go nuts!

I'll be running a post tomorrow featuring some of the best entries we've had so far. There's some absolute gold in there already.


    Wow you got Simon Pegg to do the video for Kotaku? Amazing!

    I was thinking about goofing around with it. Except I was going to record the introduction of the Flood in Halo and start freaking out as they surrounded me.

    Hahaha Holy crap Mark looks just like Simon Pegg and I never noticed! do another one and eat a Cornetto at the end plz.

    Last edited 09/10/14 2:41 pm

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